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Why deleted my gig


After receiving notice that my video did not represent my gig, I resubmitted it affter doing a lot of work on it.
Today I see that my video was “removed” due to the title not representing the gig. They could have told me about te title first time around so that I could have changed it before they deleted it. Is it me or are Fiveer being too bloody picky?


Did you resubmit your gig without any changes after receiving the warning?


Yes I did resubmit it after I changed the video


I have the same problem, almost. :confused: I create a new account because on old, I could not change my account name and after I create another gig, they delete my gigs 3 times. I put the same pictures which I used on old but…


I think it’s because the video is against TOS.


They did not object about the video