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Why demotion on fiverr?

Hello Good People of Fiverr !

There is something I’m yet to understand about this freelance platform.

Does demotion only refer to a seller losing his level or does it also deal with losing one's gig ranking? 

   I'm not sure of something. Some weeks ago whenever I search for my gig in the search result. It was either at the lower part of page one or the upper part of page 2 and i was getting writing  orders( which i over delivered, everyone was happy, left a 5 star rating, and some even promised to order for more. On the 15th of this month, my gig suddendly disappeared out of the search result, i later saw that it landed in page 5 or .... 
On that same day two bad things happened to my account 
  1. General evaluation for next level, of which I didn’t qualify for level 1
  2. I received a TOS warning that day for sending a promotion message to a buyer that was even the first to inbox me for inquiry. (Spamming)

Now, which of these two occurrences demoted my gig from page 1 or 2 to page 5.

Was it my failure to promote to the next level or the TOS warning?

Since that day- the15th day of this month, i haven’t received any order.

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I am afraid no one knows how the Fiverr gig ranking algorithm works.

The term “demotion” usually refers to the drop in a seller’s rank (and not the drop in a gig’s ranking on Fiverr).

So sad to know that. I’m a newbie here. Hope you will get back soon.