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Why did Fiver charge me 2 different amounts for fees?


I made a couple of purchases withing the past 3 days. All one Gig buys had the $0.25 service except the last. It is $0.50.

What is going on?


It’s because you’re buying gigs with PayPal money as opposed to your Fiverr earnings. IF you had gigs here, you could pay with your Fiverr earnings and there would be no fees for you.

I see your name is ADLLAW, I don’t know if you’re a lawyer, but maybe you could answer legal questions or something like that. Maybe you could have a gig to help law students, who knows? Message me if you want to brainstorm a few ideas.


No. I am not an Attorney. Is the name of Non-profit I represent that uses Fiverr. I understand about the fee, but why am I left with $0.25 in my cart when even a $5.00 has a fee of $0.50.