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Why did Fiverr bill me for buying a gig in full from Paypal and leave $10 sitting in my balance?


I have an account balance (buyer acc) of $10.25, I just bought a gig of $15.75 via Paypal. Fiverr has billed me for $15.75 in full and left the same $10.25 sitting in my account balance. Why?

I should have used the $10.25 and then been charged the balance of $5.50 via Paypal surely?

With this payment taken in a weird way, I want Fiverr to release this $10.25 to my Paypal account - pls advise.


Oh, Fiverr does stuff like that. Once your order exceeds the “Fiverr credit” (amount in your Fiverr account), they directly charge it from your Paypal. So since you ordered a gig costing you $15.75 but you only have $10.25 in your Fiverr account, Fiverr directly charged your Paypal account for the whole $15.75.

Unfortunately, your $10.25 sitting on your Fiverr account will stay there and be considered as “Fiverr credit”, and you can now only use it to buy Fiverr gigs… it can’t go back to your Paypal account… If you really really really reaaaally want it to go back to your Paypal, try contacting Customer Support… (But I don’t know if it will work out.)

I guess that’s just how Fiverr works. Hopefully they’ll make some changes in the future though. :slight_smile:

P.S. I’m shocked to see you have $10.25?? I’ve never seen an amount in cents on Fiverr to be honest. This is a first. hehe!

From <a href=">Fiverr TOS, Purchasing section:

If you have funds in your account balance, either from your Shopping or available Revenue balance, it will be automatically applied to your next purchase, but only in the event that your balance covers the entire purchase amount.

Next time you want to pay for a gig that exceeds your Fiverr balance, why not transfer the difference from your PayPal account to Fiverr. That way you will have the exact funds in your Fiverr account to pay for the gig.
Just a thought!

THanks for bringing that to my attention kjblynx.

Thanks for the input, I have sent this direct to CS and enquired whats happening on Twitter too. Its not a very transparent of fair practice imo so I’m going to chase this one for sure!