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Why did fiverr Costumer Support cancel my order?

I have a problem. A a client of mine joined fiverr from me and bought 2 of my gigs! The second gig he bought was cancelled by fiverr. Will this affect me or something and why did it happen?


The community didn’t cancel it. Fiverr’s Customer Support did


yeah! but why canceled this Fiverr customer support?
is the buyer contact with customer support for canceling the order ? or something else !! The same thing happened to me and many times! do know about this?

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If they didn’t request the cancellation and the order was cancelled by CS then yes, the person was probably a coward who complained to CS.


you are probumly right ! i don’t very much about this, but i would like to more information :slight_smile: lets see more people whart know about this !


You can always ask CS why did they cancel it.


Yes, buy why ? i am sorry for the mistake

So here is the situation. I run an instagram account in albania. I had my referaal link in my bio. A person got interested and wanted to buy a logo. After the first order he wanted another one for his university campus. The first one went through and the second one was cancelled by the fiverr team.

Maybe is because he is a new member or idk? But will it affect my gig?

Cancellations always affect your gig but you won’t lose your house and your horse over one cancellation.

And no, the buyer probably just didn’t like the second order and cancelled it through customer support, buyers sometimes do that regardless of how long they’ve been on Fiverr.


Seems you are only concerned with the cancellation affecting you account… The short answer is ''Yes

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Yea, figured it out. Anyways just gotta grind more, i am irritated that things that i can’t control ruin my day. I am verry happy with fiverr and i dont want to complain bacause either ways this is life and you have to fight harder and harder

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Is the buyer’s account still active?

no when i click on his profile it just goes away

Sounds like the user may have been banned, which might have caused Fiverr to cancel the order? Or he blocked you, but sounds like he was banned.

I think you can contact support. then you will get a better solution.

If the buyers account is no longer there it is most likely that he or she used paypal to dispute and hence fiverr banned them.