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Why did fiverr get rid of testimonial gigs

Why are they getting rid of this i think there is a lot more stupid gigs they could get rid of like ill pour crap over myself or get a pie in the face if they are looking to be more of a serious website.

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Recently the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a statement that they will crackdown on ANY form of false advertising. Specifically, anyone who violated the US Truth in Advertising Act would face criminal prosecution. This included the marketers and the actors that produce “influencer” videos. Testimonials are considered influencers.

The FTC updated their guidelines to help marketers become compliant. Fiverr followed by adding a warning to Buyers in a little blue box that appeared with each gig. Apparently, that wasn’t enough to reduce risk, so they chose to remove testimonials.

Don’t forget that Fiverr is at risk for prosecution for any illegal activities that they profit from (20%). I’m surprised it’s taken this long for Fiverr to clean up the site.

I suspect that other gig categories and specific gigs will be gone by the end of the year.


You keep saying this but do you have any evidence or insight into which gigs will be removed and why?

Have you found an illegal gig? Have you reported it to Fiverr? When you have but they haven’t done anything, have you then tracked down the specific copyright holder of material being sold illegally on Fiverr? Have you then made them aware of the fact that people on Fiverr make literally $100’s a day selling their work and compromising their professional integrity without their knowledge?

I have and guess what? Fiverr doesn’t give two hoots.

Last I heard from the owner of a lot of material (which he is horrified to find out is being sold on Fiverr), he was so angry that Fiverr was giving him the run around that he was starting to think about taking action against Envato for them making it so easy for Fiverr ‘sellers’ to rip off material in the first place.

Please, share your great Fiverr house cleaning revelation.


I wish I could comply with your request. And I have done just that in the past, and 2 things happened.

The Seller I had called out for an international copyright he had infringed on threatened that my gig was now “dead”. Meaning he was seeking revenge on me.

My post, and his, was removed by the moderator.

Can you imagine the wrath I would endure if I called out an entire sub-category even if I was to get past the moderators???

I suggest you read Fiverr’s recently updated TOS (JULY 2017) so you can gain clues of what lies ahead. Also, familiarize yourself with US laws that Fiver has now become compliant with since moving their offices to the NYC and Atlanta. Then if you’re brave enough, post to the Forum those gigs you know to be illegal.

btw - Malta is my favorite country in the world…I recommend everyone in the US to visit!

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