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Why did Fiverr suddenly ask me to solve Captcha?

I just got a message from a buyer but when I clicked to read it Fiverr suddenly asked me to solve Captcha before getting to the next page, even though I was already logged in, saying something about “Just one more step”. Is it normal? It never happened before…


It has happened to me a couple of times as well (I don’t use a VPN or proxy settings or any other programs that might’ve made the Captcha pop up)… I just solved the Captcha and went on with my life… not giving it a second thought lol

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Are you using an auto-refresh plugin to show up as being online? That’s usually the case why this happens :wink: There could also be a flag on your IP that might have made Fiverr think you were a bot.

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I had to stop using auto refresh for my substitute teaching job site for this reason. :confused:

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