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Why did "Fivverr Seller" shut down MY website?

I just am curious to know why fiverr seller "A****** crashed my site in wordpress.

YES, I hired a***** to work on my site and after a few messages we agreed on scope of work and price. I was sent an invoice and I paid it.

From the beginning of the project they claimed that login info was not working even though I sent it to them 5 times. and verified it with screenshots. finally they respond the next evening that the login worked and they would get started (already 3 days late from the 7 day completion).

After that they would staty silent till the day of delivery and I would go to site and see no change, I would message *** and they would respond" we are working, it will be done as you like it."

The delivery date came and *** did not deliver the gig complete instead kept lying saying that “it will be done in couple hours” and asking me to submit a revision so they could have more time.

Finally the last straw was when after being 2 days late they ask for 6 more hours to complete. No I ask for my refund. Once I get my refund i go to look at my site, and I CANT EVEN LOGIN TO WORDPRESS. My site is crashed, A******claimes they have no idea what happen.

I just want to warn those that may use A*******, be careful.

Mod Note: Username removed

You need to remove the username as naming and shaming buyers and sellers is against forum rules.


Than whats the point? Why have a forum for opinions and community.

I would want to warned of a malicious seller so I don’t fall prey. Wouldn’t you?

If this is a community than “looking out for one another is part of it” if we cant warn other people that will spend hard earned money to deal with vengeful sellers than whats the point of this forum???

You should let the community see this post and decide for themselves if they would like to make this platform also a place where we can call out and to warn of unscrupulous sellers or buyers.

The forum is for discussion, not for naming and shaming. The issue of allowing people to get called out on here is that people would flood the forums with accusations, true or false. It would flood the forum and bury any shot at meaningful discussion. Of course, you’re free to go to other places and call people out there.

The correct course of action is to report the seller to CS rather than starting a thread on the forum.

Looks like the community saw this post and flagged it…so I guess they’ve made their decision?


Community only can see your experience, don’t know what actually happened in another side. And this is a reason calling username is not allowed in Forum rules.

1st you should contact your hosting. They can bring your site back. If you really think the seller was responsible for this damage you can open a ticket on support.
For now please remove the sellers name from the post.

I have contacted the CS and they are no help.

and it shows only (1 view) saw it before it got flagged, what community?

That’s actually impossible, because I’m pretty sure at least two people have to flag a post before it actually becomes hidden. Unless, of course, one of the moderators did it.

So did you get a refund?

Are you going to try another Wordpress developer on fiverr?

I’m sorry you had this bad experience!

I’m sorry to hear you had a poor experience.
I don’t know what you agreed to, but it seems you ignored quite a few red flags :frowning:
(Or maybe you didn’t know what to look for when hiring a developer)

For future reference here are some tips

  • A website is an investment, not a cost. The more you invest the more likely it is that you’ll get an effective website. You hired someone who charges less than $100 for a premium business website. In most cases you get a single landing page for $100.
  • You hired a developer who is offering unlimited revisions. If they can’t get it right with 2-3 revisions then either you can’t explain your requirements or they don’t know what they are doing.
  • Your developer promises 5 day delivery for a business website and at the moment they have 9 orders in their queue. An average website takes 2-3 weeks to develop (scoping, design mockups, development, SEO & performance optimization, testing across platforms, documentation etc.). There are exceptions, but in most cases, you won’t get a high-quality website in 5 days, especially if this is not the only order in their queue.
  • When we talk about trust, then your developer is using a stolen gig description. If they have stolen content from others then who knows what else they have stolen (licenses perhaps?).

I could go on, but hopefully these tips will help you choose your next developer more carefully :slight_smile:


I did get my refund, but my site and all the content are gone I can not even log into my wordpress.

Does your hosting service make backups? Can they get you logged in? They should be able to help.

thank you I will consider those for the future.

My hosting is working on it right now hopefully can get in there and fix it.

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Usually the debug/recovery of a WordPress installation - if there is no backup of it - is performed working on a local copy, constituted by a dump of the original database and a copy of the folders.

If the damage is serious or nasty - a mess in the permalink structure, code injection, a typo somewhere in a module or in a template file - it may be necessary to rebuild the database from scratch, recovering what it can be recovered from the original.

If the login password has been changed, it can’t be recovered directly since it has been hashed.
The solution consists in writing the hashed value of a new password directly into the database.


Whoa you know your stuff apparently. :1st_place_medal:


Sorry fivverr will not allow me to disclose the name of the seller that shut down my site after i asked for refund…
I sincerely hope that none of you fall prey to him and lose money and disrupt your business.

I hope none of you lose any money and time working with this bad seller on fivverr.

I hope none of you go through this. I hope fivverr would allow us to warn each other about bad sellers.

If anyone wants to know more you can always ask.