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Why did i drop from the first gig page to the last page?

I have always been on the first search result page for over a year now, suddenly I found out my gig had been moved to the last search result page, even gigs that don’t have reviews have been showing up before my gig. I really don’t understand what is going on.
I have been working so hard here on Fiverr to ensure that I always satisfy my customers and i always get great reviews, I did not break any Fiverr rules, so I really don’t understand why Fiverr is doing this.
Is there no compensation for hard work and good reviews anymore?

Hey, dont be sad!
Fiverr’s algorithms keep changing, so dont worry. Until unless you are getting order its all good. :slight_smile: Keep up the excellent work!

Note: They have some stats and algorithms working behind the system. Positions are not static.

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Hi @brand_pro

Did you have any late deliveries or cancelled orders lately?

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yes, i cancelled an order last two weeks

Unfortunately, Fiverr doesn’t guarantee its sellers a reserved spot on the first page. In fact, if you contact CS, they will tell you just that. They will also tell you that the reason why your gig’s position has changed is because all Fiverr gigs constantly keep changing their positions. It’s a very dynamic system.

This might also be the reason why your gig has moved. No one knows the exact algorithm Fiverr uses. However, from the little I understand, your performance metrics (order completion %, on-time delivery %, etc) also play a role in determining the position of your gigs.


Only worry if you stop getting orders.

Have you looked to see what is top now and if they’re better than you?

I have not gotten orders in a few days now, the people above me dont even have reviews

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