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Why Did I Get This? - Fiverr Communication Guidelines

I just received the below email from Fiverr:

Hi cyaxrex,

Communicating with your customers quickly and clearly during an order is crucial for creating a positive and trustworthy experience for them, and is a key factor for your success on Fiverr.

Here’s how you can level up your communication on Fiverr:


Answer all customer questions and revision requests quickly and thoroughly during the order.

Be proactive!

Update your customers about your progress and about any issue that may arise.


Have too many orders? Limit orders in your queue so you can respond to every customer.

Keep your customers pleased and coming back for more with these guidelines, while keeping your performance going strong.


The Fiverr Team

I’m a bit bewildered by this, as my response time has been on 100% since before St. Levels. Also, this is not a warning or anything. (At least as far as I can tell.) Nor is it a CS ticket response…

Is everyone receiving tips like this?


Just now checked, even I received that mail. I think they are just sharing a few tips with all (probably) the sellers.


Yep, I received the exact same email a couple of minutes ago. :rofl:

The heading of the email says: " 3 Communication Guidelines To Boost Your Performance."

So, I think it is just meant to be tips (for new sellers, maybe?) for improving your performance. Since the “tips” are extremely basic, I believe it is mainly targeted towards new sellers (but they, nevertheless, send it to all sellers).

P.S: My response rate is at 100% too.


Phew. I thought I was being reprimanded for something. It would be nice if they could syndicate something like this as a blog or infographic, rather than an official looking email, though. :thinking:


Hi @cyaxrex

This type of information is driven to everybody, it’s to much waste of time and resource consuming to mail it to specific users. And I do agree they should use another way to doing so but for now, I think is the most effective way they have.

I don’t know if I got one as I haven’t yet entered my email and, since yesterday, I hurried to pause my gigs and don’t accept custome orders (until don’t know exactly when :cry:) so I think I’m not getting notifications.

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Any seller who needs to be told this won’t pay any attention to it.


Nothing to worry about, I received that too.

Lol, me too I received it…

I found the email in my inbox too. My response time is generally 99 to 100% so this did baffle me a little.

I wanted to check the Forum and see if others received it as well.

Looks like I’m in good company.



I received it too and took it as a helpful tip.

[quote=“misscrystal, post:7, topic:316205, full:true”]
Any seller who needs to be told this won’t pay any attention to it.
[/quote] :rofl:

Hey Andy, Happy Forum-anniversary! Or is is your birthday? :thinking:

Either way, Enjoy the day. :wink:

Here is a treat to help celebrate. I wish I were there to celebrate with you. Partly because I like you and partly to escape the cold here! :wind_face: :cloud_with_snow: :snowman_with_snow:


I’m afraid I don’t know what you are talking about…?


:cake: You have this next to your name. It means an anniversary on here. Happy Fiverr Forum Anniversary!


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It probably depends on the timezone of the forum user who sees that.

He is ahead of my timezone I think if he is in Malta.


Thank you. I guess in this case, a Strip-O-Gram and Champagne might be in order… If only I had known. :thinking:

Anyway, this also means a Kind of happy anniversary to you too @misscrystal. - Mainly, because I’m pretty sure you are the only one left from the main people I remember being around when I first started to use the forum.


Yep, that’s right. I think it’s timezone dependent. I don’t see the cake emoji beside his name yet.


I also received that mail, I thought because of this Fiverr sent me a reminder ,

(screenshot from my profile)



Even though it shouldn’t really be timezone dependent. It should all really work off the 1 timezone to work out things like that eg. GMT/UTC.

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