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Why Did I Get This? - Fiverr Communication Guidelines


I am guessing, a pack of cigarettes :smoking: would be something you would enjoy too. :wink:


I had a late gig on the weekend cos my computer died (communicated with the buyer on the app - he was cool), so I figured that was fiverr’s nice way of reminding me to do what I did anyway - or ideally never have a late gig…


I was away for 2 weeks and assumed that the email was to chastise me for not making enough $ in that time period which irked me a little. So it’s indeed a relief that a lot of people got it.

Maybe not a good idea to address everyone by their username, though.


Or some kind of blackish ale, or whatever they call it, in large quantities. :beer:

like a dim fading lightbulb left on in a big old empty building. :bulb:


Thank you. If someone can throw a paperbag and a tattered overcoat into the equation, I’ll be able to celebrate in real Victorian street style.


I imagine something more like this:


@misscrystal more like this I think.

Whole effect.



Andy, I wish you would give up your smokes!


Somewhere out there Vicky, a tobacco farmer relies on me smoking to put food on the table and send his children to college. Millions of millennials are also facing a massive pension black hole. Rather than live as long as they do and find myself the last sane man in a world of bankrupt social scientists, I’d rather go up in smoke a little earlier.

Also, smartphones are way more addictive and carcinogenic than cigarettes. At least my vices taste better with coffee in the morning. :wink:


That is a matter of opinion. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I prefer a scone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Although, I usually eat oatmeal with fruit. :wink:


I’ve never tried smoking a scone. Also, I couldn’t really substitute 20 - 40 cigarettes a day for 20 - 40 scones. I’d get diabetes and explode.

Rest assured, I will stop smoking when I next have the opportunity to not be stressed about every waking second of life in general. Besides, I don’t even drink anymore. I need to have at least one bad habit or people will think I’m weird.

Keeps you regular, I suppose. :wink:


Yeppers! :rofl: That it does!


I got a similar mail. I had an order in revision then. I thought i received it because i had an order that was on revision