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Why did I receive Account Warning Message?

I ordered a Skype session with a service provider and probably received an account warning message because I typed Skype … but it was a Skype session!

Am I going to get my account suspended? I am asking because I received TWO warnings within a few hours.

Other than giving my Skype account, I did not exchange emails, contact number at all. NOTHING AT ALL. In fact the Skype session was very good and I gave positive ratings.

Can the Fiverr staff look into this?

I am not too happy receiving warning messages when I did not violate any rules and guidelines set by Fiverr.

Send a message to Customer Support. Explain the situation.

Warnings to your account could make problems to pass on Level 1 or 2

According to Fiverr ToS, when you buy a gig that involves Skype or any other personal data exchange, that exchange should only be done after the gig is paid, and only within the order page.
If you did that, contact support and tell them.