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Why did my gig disappear? I see when I search for it but when I click on it I get message,

I get the message, "The Gig you were looking for is no longer available."

Is this because I recently made a small change to my gig title description?

I’m concerned because I have 6 gigs completed and delivered in the last 4 days that I haven’t got money in my account for yet. (it’s still in escrow.)

I have been somewhat worried that my account has been hacked for a while only because every time I log in it says my password is incorrect. I then create new password and the next time I try to log in with new password I got the same message and have to create a new one. Every single time I log in.

Please help. I am new to fiverr and have been very excited to be getting my first jobs from this and have been putting a lot of time and energy into it to get started on the right foot and make and maintain a good impression with clients.

To find my gig I’m talking about search, “Comedy writing” and I’m the first gig to appear. I created a new gig today that is for caption writing. This is not the gig I’m referring to. Thanks so much for any and all feed back.

Does no one respond to these?

Reply to @professional: The forums are primarily other sellers just like you and perhaps a few buyers. People have different levels but they aren’t Fiverr staff. Your questions sound like things you might want to ask Fiverr Customer Support.