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Why did my seller block me after I told him my Idea

I was in the market for 3D assets for a game idea I had. I found someone who was selling what I wanted and had 27 5 Star reviews. I contacted the seller asking him for a little bit more details on his premium package. He responded right back and gave me more detail on the package. So I sent him the general scope of the assets I wanted asking him if he had any further questions But then 20 minutes later I get a message from Fiverr that says “this seller is not accepting any further messages.” I was a little confused so I waited for 20 more minutes expecting him to respond. then I decided to look at his account and what he sells and it says “The seller is no longer available.” I don’t really care that the guy ghosted me. I’m worried that he took my idea and ran.

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What does this mean and what does it have to do with this post?

I name it that because I didn’t want to out right say I think a seller stole my Idea and ran because I am not 100% sure if that happened

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The point is that it wasn’t clear what you were saying.

It was clear to me from the first read.

I was responding to the seller who responded to your post, not to you.

I’m worried about the buyer and seller relationship and if it really is that easy to take the buyers Idea and make it your own on this platform.

I just said that I wasn’t responding to you. Why are you sending me this?

Well, next time prefer to use the reply button. It’s his thread and you posted without replying directly to him so you confused him.

if it really is that easy to take the buyers Idea and make it your own on this platform.

If they did it could be against the terms of service which says:

Sellers further confirm that whatever information they receive from the Buyer, which is not public domain, shall not be used for any purpose whatsoever other than for the delivery of the work to the Buyer

Though by “buyer” they might mean someone who has ordered.

It might just be that the seller didn’t want to work on that project. Maybe they thought it was too difficult or too much work for the price/not what they normally do in the premium package.

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I hope you’re right that they just didn’t want to work on it.

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I did use the reply button. The forum doesn’t always put tags on who you are replying, as you can see in your reply to me, but he would know.

If I had replied to him he would have gotten a notification saying that I had.

If you’re going to pick a fight, at least know what you are talking about. Better yet – stop harassing people all together. No one appreciates it.


sorry for the misunderstanding and I had no intentions of harassing you if I did.

You aren’t harassing me. I was responding to someone else, but thanks.

I think you’re just misunderstanding how the forum works that’s all.

It does not show as a reply in the top right corner if the reply comes immediately after the post it is responding to.


Fiverr banned the seller.


I DID reply to him via the reply button. It just doesn’t show him in the reply corner.

The forum shouldn’t be like that but it is. It makes no sense and it’s needlessly confusing.

With minimum effort we can reply to each other calmly without using the false harassment claim card on the table. We are cool. Just please handle with care those words. Thank you.

maybe but the seller still shows up on the fiverr home page for me

The only reason people aren’t calm with you is when you are rude, accusatory and personal and they are defending themselves.

What you did to Vickie is a perfect example.

People will be friendly with you if you are friendly with them.

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