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Why did my video get removed?


I am pretty new to having a gig, and I have a question. My gig is about making music, so I thought it would be a good idea to add a video with some of my tracks. Now I see that my video was not “Approved by the Trust & Safety team” All the video is, is 3 of my tracks with a background image, any idea on how i can get this resolved? Cause I would like to have a video up to show people what my gig is about.

Is the video or audio in the your gig copyrighted? or did you actually create them?

The audio is mine yes, I made the music. I guess the problem could be the random wallpapers i used?

Yes, maybe, you should create your own images.

Good luck.

Copyright maybe?
what music u used?

Personal URLs or emails?

You guys probably didn’t notice it, but this post is from 4 months ago. The OP has probably just move on by now.

dont use screen recorded video web links