Why did the Buyer Request is full with Seller Promotions?


Hello guys, I am new here, and I learn to get my first order from buyers in my first gig. I am trying like the others by catching the opportunities from Buyer Request section.

But, I wonder, why did the most request that i see is coming from the seller itself? Is it allowed? And did it works? If yes, I want to try promote my gigs in the Buyer Request too like the other sellers.


Because they don’t understand the concept of it. The sellers think this is the section where they can request buyers for their gigs. Most common if English is not their first language ;).


then… Can you or we do something to stop them, anna?


Fiverr is working on it. For now, just ignore them. It does not work because people who are only buyers cannot even see what is posted there. Only sellers can see the requests.


This issue is still there in June 2017, and half of them are still with Seller Promotions. I am good with bla bla, please buy my services.