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Why did the seller just ignore me?

I was working very well with a seller recently and i thought we had a great working relationship. Then one day after paying my custom order she failed to deliver. so i had to cancel and get my refund. After a few days she explained that she was having trouble getting into her account. it was a misunderstanding, i was able to let that go and start again. hey it happens. But when i thought we were going to continue working on my project, i emailed her and asked her when she would be ready to start again, so i can make payment. I received no reply or reason. Nothing not even a nice i don’t want to continue with your project, if that was the case. I’m very upset that i invested so much time and money on a project that i now had to start all over. :frowning: this is frustrating because i got no explain and i can see she has work in her quotes because when i’m doing my searches for editors, she comes up as one potential editor.

These things happen. Take a deep breath… it will be ok!

There are a million reasons why a seller would ignore you. Perhaps they had a different experience of the order and don’t want to work with you again. Maybe they like working on new projects instead of the same one repeatedly. Or perhaps they are just too busy with other orders. Yes, it might have helped if the seller had explained but whatever the reason, you have to respect the seller’s silence and look elsewhere.

I can’t answer your question but if you still need an editor I might be able to help.

If you cancelled the gig yourself (I.E. you were given the option to cancel the gig because it was late), this results in an automatic negative review on the sellers gig which no sellers wants.

Chances are they didn’t take kindly to it and chose not to work with you again.

The professional thing would have been to inform you that they didn’t want to work with you again (and naturally not let the gig become late in the first place but from what you said they had some sort of problem their end).

If you didn’t cancel the order and they ignored you, there could naturally be a number of reasons why.

I think she had a personal problem there back at home which she didn’t want to tell you… The sentence : “Life is not a bed of roses” is still true and I think will be true in future too :)…
She only know what was problem might she was facing at that time…

you are right she did. and she even told me she was going to have to stop working on my manuscript until she resolved it. then she emailed and said she’s back it had been a week by then. so we continued. then she stop all communication.

I can’t speak for her actions, but as an editor myself, I do get inundated with messages. Sometimes, I read the messages on my phone and then forget to respond when I’m back on my desktop.

If your order resulted in a negative feedback, she might is no longer interested in working with you and therefor is probably ignoring you

You shouldn’t be upset, this is business, not personal. People cancel for all kinds of reason.

If you can afford it, hire to sellers, hire one for $50 and another one for $5 for example. I know most buyers don’t want to do that because they hate losing money, but when you’re working with a stranger (and everyone is a stranger until they deliver an order) it makes sense to have a backup plan.

Reply to @amadear: Sure I have a 120,076 w/c manuscript that requires editing. i’ll check out your site.

Reply to @smork: well i can understand that. but i emailed her before i did anything. and she was late a matter of i believe 2 or 3 days. i was really hoping she would reply to my many emails. and when she finally did, she said she had been locked out of her account but as soon as she got into her computer she would resend the payment notice. i waited and waited. a matter of 3 to 4 weeks. i have to move on. i even emailed her again. i mean if this doesn’t mean i don’t want to work with you, i’m not sure what does. so i got the point. sadly i had to move on. :frowning:

Reply to @claudiasl: Not disagreeing with what you did. I would have done the same if a gig I ordered was left to become late and received no correspondence.