Why did they go dry?


Ever since a few days before Xmas up till now I have not gotten a single sale, or even a little message from another user, where did they all go? Is it the same for everyone else? :frowning:


yeah same situation here :frowning:


I’ve seen a few other users are experiencing about a 5 day dry spell.


Orders can run hot and cold at any particular moment I don’t think it has to do with the holiday season or not


I would not mind 5 days but, 2 weeks :(!


After being with Fiverr since June 2011 and freelancing online for the past three years, I’ve noticed a pattern of dry spells during December and January. Some people will also notice it during the summer period too.

As tn5rr2012 mentions though, orders can run hot and cold at any time. It’s the world of freelancing. I make it a rule never to put all my eggs in one basket. I have a number of websites that I offer content to and my own private clients to help avoid problems with dry spells.