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Why did YOU buy the first gig of this person?

Hello, I am new here and I would like to know why did you trust a person who was new here?, why did you trust a person without review?

I think it can be interesting…


I asked my first buyer this same thing. He said it was because of my speedy response and how personable I was. I was friendly in such a way that made him feel comfortable without feeling like I was after something. Since his first gig order we’ve been working together on a weekly basis!

Very interesting question - I agree as well.
@iotranslator - i had a look at some of your gigs and have a few tips: 1) have a friend whose English is their first language correct all spelling, grammar etc in your profile + gigs, or hire a proofreader on fiverr to do that. 2) get your average response time way, way, way down. 3) Add videos where you are describing your gig and introducing yourself, because since you are a new seller, and don’t have reviews yet, I think the buyer might be more interested in buying from you if they see that there is an actual person behind the screen, you know?

Mucha suerte y espero que este ayude un poco :slight_smile:

If i have to buy something i would also recommend the new sellers who don’t have orders in queue because this means i will get my work done soon while if we use old sellers who may have lot of orders in queue then this means we will get our work done late because he will deliver after finishing other orders and then he will take his time on revisions also

I just bought one gig here and it was something only that seller had to offer. I don’t remember how ‘new’ or ‘old’ he was as a seller. I ordered and he delivered far ahead of time.

And honestly when I browse through the forum and come across most of the posts I would become very reluctant to order from a new seller. This is because many of them appear whiny and desperate. What is also a deal breaker is the use of language. There is no need to be a native English speaker, but if somebody isn’t able to write one short sentence in proper English, I wouldn’t consider him or her for any transaction.

I’m also honest enough to admit that there are certain locations that have become digital no-go areas for me when it comes to do business.

I hope what people don´t care also about if they are new or old.I didn´t think there are people who just trust, without see reviews.

You should click Buyer Requests…

Nice tips, I think is a nice way to star to make better…

This thread is really not a “Tip for Sellers” and will be moved to the correct category.

As for your question I recently ordered from a new seller to give him an opportunity and because the gig offered looked interesting to me.

Nonsense it doesn’t have anything to do with level. As a matter of fact a lot of TRS offer 24 hr turnaround.
I ordered from a newbie and received an empty delivery within hours. The communication was non existent and the gig was delivered late.
It really depends on the individual seller itself.

The seller of the gig I bought was the only one who could deliver it. Even looking what level or reviews he had would have made no sense at all. It’s long ago and I don’t remember what level he had.

@mariokluser That’s interesting. I also ordered a gig from a new seller because she was selling something specific. As a new seller myself, I have 11 gigs and most of them are niche. The others are the opposite of niche. But no significant success with either categories… so I am baffled by what I’m doing wrong.