Why did you choose to work on 5r? 🤔


The 1st time I bought a freelancing service online was for a manuscript editing. I’ve used several companies and self hosted freelancers.

The 1st time I noticed 5r was for an ebook cover design.

There are many freelancing sites from voice over, to cover design, editing, illustrations, etc. Many of them pay more, way more - - - so why did you choose 5r?

Matter of fact, I know several sites that absorbs chargeback, and you never have to work with anyone against your will.

One editing service has list of buyers and service they want. It falls under 1st come basis, where you as the freelancer choose which ones you want. Unfortunately, your take is 50% and the good jobs are grabbed by others about 1 second after it’s posted.

Again, why 5r?


I’m a masochist. I love pain.

No, seriously, though… I joined out of curiosity and soon met some amazing people. We still work together to this day.

I’ve never had a reason to go elsewhere.


Pinned coz ya know…


I bought out of curiosity, so I understand that. :grinning:

It was a painful start, as my 1st two purchases went south but great experiences outnumber bad ones, so I stayed.

I know lot of sellers complain about cheap buyers, but realistically, if the buyer wasn’t interested in saving some money - we wouldn’t be here. I can get $200 worth for $100 (great work); give $50 tip and still save money. :heart:


I hate the bidding sites.
I would much rather spend time building towards something than bidding for every job with no progression - you start each bid in the same position as the one before.
With Fiverr I could start off by simply creating clear gigs and undercutting the competition.
Built from there and now charge prices which are close to my off Fiverr prices. Within the next few months I will probably have them at even pricing.


Not all freelancing sites are bidding. Some have list of jobs as it comes available with buyer requirements. You select the ones you want - unfortunately, there may not be a lot of jobs.

Honestly, I think sellers make more here, once established with great reputation.

I hear many complain about chargeback, cancellation, reviews, etc. on 5r.


It was serendipity. I didn’t know what would happen but thought it looked like a great site and decided to try it. I believe it was destiny.


Buyers like you make this site worthwhile. You’re out for a bargain, naturally, but still take an interest in fairness. :slight_smile:


Ireland gets very little sunshine but when we do, it takes less than 24 hours for people to start complaining about it being “too hot”.
Sure there are areas for improvement with Fiverr but by comparison to a lot of other sites/ways to find work, this is Utopia.


For me, it was simply to help support my family which Fiverr has enabled me to do magniifiencetly well.


I think you and 5r are compatible.

The nature of your work, the reputation you’ve built up here and getting together with an international market. Unfortunately, I see many who don’t seem to have the same level of seriousness as you starting here.


Ha, ha, ha! :rofl:

You always have a way of making me giggle!

It’s like me looking forward to winter because it was so hot in the summer, now I’m counting days to Spring.


Hum, :thinking:

But why 5r and not another site?


It’s a good place to get your feet wet if you’re interested in freelancing. It’s super easy to set up your gig and Fiverr even helps you to get started, but I’ve always thought of it as a stepping stone.

I’m not saying you can’t make a living here, but I think if you really wish to be your own boss you have to start your own business. Running your own business won’t be easy and I know it from my own experience. However, the less you depend on others or a single platform the more control you have. There will be unexpected roadblocks, but so far I’ve been able to deal with those. Fiverr on the other hand is envolving and I’m not sure anymore in which direction. Just because I don’t understand the big picture yet, I’m not saying the end is near, but I’m kind of tired worrying about evey new change they come up with :slight_smile:

I still do 2-3 orders a month here, but the money goes to my savings account. I make enough from my agency that if Fiverr should shut down, I can still pay my bills.


This is both good and bad. A real professional looking to make side cash - great; otherwise, well, you know.

This is still one of the best platform to find great sellers for great price, so I’m gonna stick around.

I do wonder why some sellers stick around here when they hate everything about 5r, though? No, no, I’m not referring to you - I just happen to be replying to your post.


That’s for sure. If you know how to filter out great sellers it is probably one of the best platforms out there. I’m sure I will continue using it even if I don’t get sales. Being a seller and part of this forum has definitely helped me with that.


I tried other sites as well but even though I had more orders on a certain other site I decided to make Fiverr my priority since it was a lot simpler to use. I still use that certain site for my code related services.


Once upon a time… I set sail :sailboat: on a maiden voyage to find other streams of income. My ship landed on :anchor: Fiverr Island. The discovery of Fiverr is another gem :gem: aka another stream of income to add to the treasure, loot or whatever. The people on Fiverr Island has taught me so much! Cultivating awesome friendships, acquaintances, clients, enjoying the fruits :strawberry::watermelon::pineapple::apple::tangerine::grapes: of my labor and so forth. Truly an ahh-mazing experience so far. Like, the old saying goes “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”. So, yeah that’s what I did!

Of course, the buck :moneybag: doesn’t stop with Fiverr. However, it has been an incredible but ENJOYABLE :roller_coaster: ride that I will never forget. :money_mouth_face:

Cheers! :tropical_drink:


I can say that voiceover is one of the easiest to spot the best sellers on. :slight_smile:

Sample videos recording pretty much gives me an idea. I’ve checked other sites and I can’t get from them what I get here with the diverse pool of voices.


The grass isn’t greener on the other side :slight_smile:
Every platform has its pros and cons. I’m guessing it’s easier to fight the beast you know than unknown :smiley: