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Why did you choose what to sell what you do here on Fiverr?

For me? I do voice acting. As a kid I loved doing fun little voices but as I got older I realized I was pretty good at it. Started practicing reading scripts and really perfecting my craft and been loving it since!


I had a hobby helping out local bands playing in bars by making posters for their gigs. Got paid in beer. I think it was me rebelling against all the boring things I had to design at work.

Then I collected a cohesive enough portfolio and decided that I didn’t have to be a dirty hobby anymore and I could try making a living out of it.


I learned wordpress to develop a classified website for selling and buying cars, then this website failed on 2018, because in that time I didn’t know what’s market research and many marketing terms. Finally I found myself a wordpress developer seller on fiverr.


I’ve been casting spells since the age of 12. I started doing it for others as a teenager. It’s just what I do.


I started learning C# by accident. After I heard about HTML I became super passionate about web development and I went on this journey of making websites. Now Im trying to make websites for other people.

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Writing lyrics might very well be the only thing people would pay me for.


I’m quite entrepreneurial persuasion, so I’ve been starting businesses since I was 9 and been making good (actual) money from them since I was around 12. I’m always starting some sort of business or finding a new way to make money, and I was one of the few kids without a minimum wage summer job in high school.

Currently, writing is all I do in my freetime, and I aspire to be a published author. After honing my craft for some years, I’ve been told I write quite well. Fiverr seemed like a good place to build my résumé and work on my craft while getting paid for it.


I wanted to start making money off of writing.
I travel a lot, and for disconcertingly long periods of time for a regular job to work out.
Almost all of my work has been freelance, for the past year.
Those are the big 3 factors…

make illustrations in specific styles, I love drawing stuff ! :crazy_face: It was my dream to ran via drawing, now living that dream!

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I offered what I already did professionally. It’s what I’m good at. I would love to learn more skills and expand my business, but I just don’t seem to have the time.

Psychic readings have always been a hobby of mine. Then I heard about Fiverr psychics and thought I’d give it a shot lol

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Can you know what will happen on future, is that the psychic reading :thinking:

Because it’s what I can do and have experiencing doing. I started, way back when, selling illustration and poetry services. FFW some years and I’m selling writing, illustration and design (more or less) services.

I used to work on Word since I was 5 yo, I never imagined that such a thing can be payed for before, and I really enjoy typing… I never feel like I am giving efforts while doing it xD

“Hobby” musician almost all my life (bands, choirs, small orchestras…), I decided to go “pro” two years ago by quitting my day job and learning to mix. So I’ve started freelancing.

Yea when I was few years younger I thinked that you get payed only by doing super hard things. You know that job needs to be stressful, hard psychically or mentally.

I loved cooking and used to watch cooking shows and write down the recipes.
Now I collect recipes for cookbook and write the recipes too.