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Why did you chose your username and what does it mean to you?

In looking at the various usernames here on this platform I couldn’t help but wonder how some of the names were created and what may have inspired them.

Well, I have a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering and my name is Joshua. And maybe having Dr in my name would help with the first impression… so I used dr_joshua :slight_smile:

De La Boca De Bekka is a title that a previous boss of mine made up about a year ago when I was starting my travel blog and wondering what to call it. It means From the Mouth of Bekka which is fitting as I usually have something to say! I’ve been learning Spanish and traveling/living throughout Central America for almost a year now so it’s also fitting that it’s a Spanish title.

On a different note, I’m new on Fiverr and really excited to be part of this community!

Welcome to Fiverr!

WCman1976: WC stands for wing chun, which is the style of martial art that I practice. Man is because I am male. 1976: year I was born…not ashamed to share that!

I was going to use Psychedelic Pupil which is the name of a projection company I own. It was too long and got shortened to psychedelicpup. When I was first signing up I didn’t put much thought into my username thinking I would be able to change it later if I liked it here.

If I could do it over I would chose a name that’s easier to spell and shorter. The good thing about it is that in combination with my green profile pic I think it’s easy to recognize me :wink:

Well Mines OzzieUK

Oz or Ozzie has been my nickname since I was about 6 and UK, well that is the obvious part :slight_smile:

Oz was an easier way to say "Aus"tin my last name.

Wayne Austin :wink:

Emeralddawnn - Emerald is my favorite gemstone and would have been my daughter’s name if I ended up with a girl (I got another boy instead). Dawn is one of my favorite names and, since I’ve always liked being different, I added an extra N to it.

Mine’s just a playful take on my real name, which is Kimberly.

It’s interesting reading through others’ explanations :slight_smile:

Reply to @kemmeh: I like your gigs Kimberly! It’s really nice to see someone doing digital art that isn’t just a photoshop filters.

I also see that you have a negative feedback from someone who looks like they were ultimately satisfied with the gig. Did you ever think to ask CS to remove that for you?

Reply to @madmoo: actually that is my real name Craig Scott lol :slight_smile:

Reply to @psychedelicpup: Glad you like them!

That’s actually my problem. I have a 90% rating, and now that I have such a rating, I can’t make anyone any offers regarding their requests. Haha

Also, I think I should just have other people try my gig instead of contacting the CS to raise my rating again :slight_smile:

My name is Ynne Black. It’s “Artistic” name, nickname, I’d like to be renamed to it one day. I was born with different one but I’ve been using it for a long while now. :slight_smile:

“Zeus” is my actual nickname in real life, and about 70% of my friends call me that.

It is funny though, I’d say 99.9% of my buyers think I’m a guy because of this

name, but I’m not. When I finish my order and send the gig, my buyers would leave messages like “Thanks bro!” or “Thanks dude, you’re the man!” stuff like that. I don’t mind it at all of course, I tell them that I’m not a guy if they ask, LOL.

The 777 part…well. I just added that for the heck of it! :smiley:

Final Step = Final Step Marketing (my business).

DarkLimit has very deep and personal meaning to me.

People often view their dark side/part of their lives as a negative thing and rarely want to go there. But if they realize that their dark side is their strength they will find out that there is no limit to whom they can become.

I put the two together DarkLimitArts…It is now the name of my art business.

at first i was undecided between using my two usual aliases “nodeerskulls” and “draumstafur” or my actual name…went with my actual name to get my work out more, you know?

but nodeerskulls is a name i made for myself when i used to be 16 and very much into occultism, and working with runes, and my two drawing obsessions were teeth, deer skulls and octopus tentacles. i find deer skulls very pretty.

draumstafur means “rune of dreams”; this i made when i was 18, and past my occultism phrase, but runes and alchemical signs, and what i dream at night, are still my biggest inspirations.

My name mean:

"Zalmoxis[pronunciation?] (Greek Ζάλμοξις), also known as Salmoxis (Σάλμοξις), Zamolxis (Ζάμολξις), or Samolxis (Σάμολξις), is a divinity of the Getae (a people of the lower Danube), mentioned by Herodotus in his Histories IV, 93–96. In later interpretations, which begin with Jordanes (6th century AC) and have proliferated during the 19th and 20th century, mainly in Romania, he was regarded as the sole god of the Getae or as a legendary social and religious reformer who, according to Herodotus, taught the Getae a belief in immortality, so that they considered dying merely as going to Zalmoxis. Herodotus states that Zalmoxis was also called by some of the Getae Gebeleizis, which made some searchers conclude that Getae were actually henotheists or even polytheists. Another discussion exists about the chthonic (infernal) or uranian (heavenly) character of Zalmoxis."

Reply to @madmoo: Hi Ang, Great to meet you.

Reply to @madmoo: now you’ve got me blushing