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Why did you join Fiverr?

For me, it was to keep my photoshop skill sharp - earning a few pounds (or dollars) was a nice bonus!


I joined to buy T-shirt Design and logo design services


I joined Fiverr to make some extra money and write in my free time. I have interest in writing but currently it’s not my main activity so Fiverr look like a good option where I could find some gigs and work in something I’m interested.


I joined fiverr to keep my Adobe illustrator and photoshop skills sharpened enough while leveraging on my freelancing skills. And of course, I joined to make few dollars :grinning:

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i joined for know the varieties of WordPress website, Design and plugin, which is trend & popular.

I had cast a spell a few months earlier and realized later finding fiverr was the manifestation of the spell. I had wanted to have an internet presence for what I do. I wasn’t thinking about the spell when I joined. I just went ahead and joined not knowing what to expect. I wrongly assumed it was something that wasn’t serious. I had never heard of the site before. Was I ever wrong about that!This was six years ago when fiverr was much less well known.

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I had joined in fiverr to improve my skills and it is really a great experience .I really love fiverr … It is the best platform for the beginners.:blush:

I joined fiverr to get something done back in 2016, after a year… I was good at something, and then it was time to go for “if you’re good at something don’t do it for free” I started offering my services and seems I’ve made some people reach the point of success and parcipated in making their path, on the other hand I was making some extra cash from it.

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Me, I had nothing better to do and I thought: ‘Hey, life is long. Why not’ ?


I have a passion for sounds and music so I found a place where i can offer my services and getting paid.