Why did you pick your username?


This question is for anyone who does not use firstnamelastname or username.

Why did you pick that username? do you use that name for your website? social media?


Haven’t you just disqualified yourself from this discussion with your own name? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, this is a bit 20 Questions.


I am not answering the question, I am asking the question.


No shit, Sherlock. But still, why would you need to know whether it is related to websites and social media prior to, oh, I don’t know, something else, like a funny family story which got you stuck with a nickname forever?

Besides, it is fairly customary in these kind of posts on any forum when asking for stories/experiences for the OP to explain their own. Do you use your name for social media and your website?

You don’t seem to have a very good sense of humor.



I do have a sense of humour.

Miroslav is my first name.
Want to guess the rest? Thus I can’t answer my question.

I use same username almost everywhere. When I was a teenager I used an username that is wrong for me to post here.


Well, here’s the funniest part… [quote=“miroslavglavic, post:1, topic:113493”]
This question is for anyone who does not use firstnamelastname or username.

Nobody can answer this question as we all have a username (even if it is not firstnameusername)!

Alright I’ll quit the ribbing. My name is Emma, My surname is not Ki. You may know some Greek, in which case you should be familiar with the suffix -aki (“little”). So, “little Emma”. There are lots of bouncing baby emmakis on social media, but none of them are me :wink:


I know a lot of Greek but I can’t say it. swear words.

Hello Emma


no story behind the username…
used my first name but replaced some alphabets with similar numbers.
end of the story!


I read a book about selling on Fiverr. The #1 advice was getting a name that was easy to remember, something like ArtDirector69 or wildwriter13, the simpler the better.

I’m a copywriter, and every bloody boss I had accused me of working too fast, of not taking my time when I write.

Since I didn’t want to be copywriter66, I chose FastCopywriter.


Good thing you didn’t pick an username with 69 on it.


Everything else I wanted was taken. That’s how the username story usually goes…

I took the first three letters of my first name and spelled out my last initial phonetically.


I know, 69 is such a dirty number. I like 13, but most consider it unlucky.
66 is safe, Route 66 is famous. Of course, 666 is the devil’s number, or you can be half evil with 333. LOL


Everyone thinks they are unique - until they try to register a username


first name is leah, but i decided to keep my last name soley for my music endeavours-- thus, i do all of my online voiceover/freelance work under leah emme

however, a lot of buyers call me lea, or ms hemme lol


I got my username by killing a man in a dark alley for it. I just liked it so much I had to have it.

Goodbye Patricia, the Yemenese second-hand washing line saleswoman going nowhere fast, and hello CyaxRex, freelancer, author, and basically amazing everything. Of course, that was a very long time ago now.


My username is my middle name (a part of it, the other part is what I do). I hate my first name.


My username is something I have used for most of my social media accounts, but I would have never chosen it if I knew we couldn’t change it. I would have gone with something more professional, but as long as the username isn’t something ridiculous or inappropriate I don’t think it has much influence. Right?


My username is what would have been a daughter’s name if I had one… Emeraldawnn. (The daughter’s spelling would have been different Emeralddawn, but hey Fiverr only allowed me so many characters).

I ended up with 2 boys… no girls.


Mine is the pen name that I write under. It’s a way to help me build my writer brand and gain exposure.