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Why did you pick your username?


I apologize for my earlier post, which was irrelevant to the discussion and was rightly flagged. Sorry!


Were you prostrating yourself before your home altar to Modi again Writer?


My friend complained that his website hosting costs more than what he made from ad revenue, and I optimized the site’s monetization with a few changes. Difference was very noticeable, so the next day he told me “You’re a wizard, Harry!” Even though I’m not Harry Potter last I checked. :smirk: He told me I should get paid for my magic. I wanted to give it a try, and Fiverr was an instant success! Though these days I only offer marketing gigs. Advice is free, though!


I have a facebook account, which name is ******** ********** :wink: it means little/newbie developer :smiley:
That facebook account was lucky. So I keep my Fiverr account similar to that fb account :smiley:
wp_kid :wink:

Mod Note: FB name removed.


Every other cool Psychic username was taken


Someone from the well known “Deluxe Group” outsourced their copywriting work to me (the payment was close to $1000). We were dealing through a famous Freelancing platform (not Fiverr). They appreciated my work. I got daily milestone updates that the amount will be accredited into my account. At the end of the week, I got nothing. They just closed their account and used the work as well. The support said that the Buyer demanded a refund, so they refunded the payment. I felt devastated, and “deluxewriting” was the first thing that I came into my mind when I was registering an account over here on Fiverr.


I think that it’s not a good idea to share your contact details over here.


I’m pretty sure you were dealing with the same platform I was when I delivered the second to last milestone without payment and had the SAME thing happen! Which is why I only use Fiverr now.


Yes, there is only one with such absurd rules. Hewhomustnotbenamed.


I don’t know why they market it as the World’s largest marketplace, when I have never seen anyone make even a penny from there.


ya’ll takin about down-no-work? :arrow_double_down:


Saddu is my nick and I begin writing articles on fiverr but didn’t like it much or wasn’t good enough. So I switched to animation side but Alas, can’t change the username now. :rolling_eyes:


No, the other one. The name pretty much matches with what we are called (Yes, all of us sellers over here) :wink:.


My birth name is Trina, hence the ‘T’, which later jelled into ‘Tee’, and my married name was High, hence the shortened version, ‘Hi’. But it’s not quite as simple as it seems…

When I was little, my cousins teased me alot because I had - and still have - a sizable derriere, so I was always very self-conscious about it. But then Jennifer Lopez came along and was actually lauded for her big butt! So I started accepting, and even liking, my own. Then, when it became time for me to pick a nickname for myspace, my first foray into social media, I went with ‘T.Hi’ because by that time, Ms. Lopez was calling herself ‘J.Lo’ and since it was she that helped me to accept my big bottom, I decided I could be ‘T.Hi’, which also, of course, fit my name. In fact, when I first set up my Twitter account, my little description was “T. Hi rocks a butt like J.Lo”, lol… It eventually became ‘Tee Hi’ because many websites would not accept such a short log-in name.


Oh gotcha.


I didn’t share :wink: My fb is in different format :wink: but thanks for remind me though I know it very well :slight_smile:


Then you lied, which is a sin on its own.


Sorry for the misunderstanding. I said my social media is in different format (it’s in Bangla)


Oh ok, you mean different language?


Yes it is
-------------------------------- (20 char.)