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Why did you sign up on Fiverr?

Hello Everyone,
I was posting this because of I have a questions for anyone and everyone in this forum.

What drove you to sign up for Fiverr?

Why did you decide to do freelancing?

All comments and side questions are welcomed. All I ask is that we keep the comments encouraging so we can build an amazing community.


I signed up with Fiverr because it was the largest marketplace to find freelance work at that time. I decided to do freelance work because it was a great way to help others while making extra spending money.


To make money from Psychic readings lol

I wanted to try it out and see what it is like to freelance :slightly_smiling_face:

We already have an amazing community. This topic isn’t going to make it any more amazing. :wink:

Truth be told, though, in response to your questions, why does anyone join Fiverr? The answer is simple – to make a living sharing our skills with those who need them. I don’t imagine you’re going to find any answers that are significantly different then this.



Got few options, joined others too, fiverr is one of them

What is your general feeling about freelance?
Is it everything you hoped for?

What a nice way to sum it up. As a follow-up question,how has freelancing been for you? What might make it better?

P.S You’re right. We do already have a supportive community. Lol

sell my soft skills …

What have been some of the most challenging aspects of selling your soft(I’m assuming software) skills?

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Join freelancer for get freelance work and build a knowledge.

I have no complaints. And I am more focused on working with what I already have available to me, rather than pining for additional services that may or may not be added to Fiverr. :wink:

To enjoy the ability to be my own boss, work for myself, create my own schedule, learn, contribute, to share my talents and hopefully make some extra money :slightly_smiling_face:

I am from Pakistan and in graphic designing since 2008, had been working for the local clients. I felt the need to get more clients. I came to fiverr, as I knew about it in late 2016. TBH I just joined it to give it a try. It turned out to be an awesome place to sell the services. Later, in August 2016, one of my gigs got featured. That was my first solid motivation to stay at fiverr and putting in more of my time.

Nailed it!!!. Helping people makes you feel good though. :slight_smile:

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Also, I am a disabled vet 100%. And I don’t want to just sit here and rot away. I want to make sure I still have it. You can never learn everything. I believe learn everything you can before you exit this world. I served my country and I would do it again. But, it also has consequences, but, I have a design skill and I can type 40 wpm because I went to class for it. Now, the question is, why would you waste this sitting at home doing nothing?

One fine day in the middle of the night, I realized it was now or never if I was ever going to escape the asylum.

During cafeteria duty when I would usually dedicate myself to drooling into other peoples gravy, I gave Nurse Pocahontas my best crazy eyes. While she was transfixed with my snake like stare, I whipped a turkey leg from the freezer and quickly secreted it into my hospital underpants.

The freezer burn was excruciating. However, as I was being marched back to my cell in my straitjacket, I managed to thrust my loins skyward high enough to concuss three security guards. Quickly I then leaped through the only non-barred window.

Breaking both collar bones on impact with the ground, I ran into the waiting woods. There I used the fox call my mother taught me to cry for aid. Within a few minutes, several she foxes in search of a mate were gnawing at my restraints.

As soon as I was free, I ran for the city with my dislocated arms flying uncontrollably around me.

My original plan was to use my hospital cafeteria experience to pitch myself to Burger King. However, while being fed spent chewing gum mouth to mouth (while my shoulders healed) by a crazy woman called Nora, I happened on the below ad christening the wall of the New York Subway:


And that’s pretty much it.


I hope your shoulders are healed up by now. I wonder how much Depp received to pose for that ad.