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"Why didn't you buy?" feedback box?

Something that asks the buyer after looking at a gig, “Why didn’t you want to buy this gig?” but maybe only on every 1 out of 10 gigs looked at so it doesn’t bug them constantly. This input should then be shared with sellers which would be very valuable in regards to better pricing some of my gigs or re-writing them or offering something in a different manner. If there is no feature like this yet, I would love there to be one. It would be nice to know why someone would click into a gig of mine but not order. What’s your guys thoughts on this? I think there was something like this at one point but it didn’t seem to share that input with the buyers but rather Fiverr itself.

Even if they could just do it in the broad categories would go a long way. Buyer requests gives some insight as to what buyers are looking for, but definitely not why someone chose to buy or not buy my gig!

I think that customers just surf around sometimes, waiting for an inspiration or to find that “i dont know what” that is always behind the corner.

I also think that for how curious i would be to know “why” this kind of feature would be really annoying. Myself i already hate to have a pop up windows in whatever site. I dont find this productive. But, its my opinion!
Thank you for sharing!

I agree that some way is needed to survey buyers and potential buyers.
I would rather have a survey of actual buyers of my gigs to find out how they arrived at my gig, and what exactly made them buy it.

I have considered asking them afterwards but don’t want to annoy them but if we have an option that is part of the site like this it would be great.

I actually tried it for a bit on one of my SEO-related gigs and haven’t had any complaints, really. Either they simply just don’t answer or they tell me exact keywords they searched on or something specific such as the price-point as to why they bought the gig. I’ve even had people tell me, “You know, I would have paid more but this was a great deal for price as my other quote was over $100+!” kind of deal.

Unfortunately it doesn’t help me in regards to the users that don’t buy my gigs. I see a good bit of clicks on some of my gigs that don’t sell at all, and I don’t know why. Unfortunately since I can’t actually communicate with this users I have no way of telling.

They did try this at some point a while back but perhaps only on a small test market group as I remember it popping up a few times asking me why I didn’t buy a particular gig when I was trying to see what kind of similar services I can make to expand my services on Fiverr.

Perhaps most of the responses they got were, “Leave me alone!” I think if they do it on a small enough scale or even for new users joining to have an option of, “I would like to share my feedback to better improve gigs tailored to me” kind of option" would be helpful. I would opt in to it so that I can better tell Fiverr relevant gigs while anonymously sending feedback to the gigs I didn’t buy from due to lack of information or not being very clear on something kind of thing.