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Why Differerent prices

I have been a member over here for many years and I have used many sellers to help me with my projects.
The Seller I normally use for helping me with my word press sites, wasn’t available and I needed this work done quite soon, so I asked 3 other sellers for a quote for the same work.
One seller quoted $25
Another seller quoted $35
Then this seller quoted $275

Same work- but look at the difference - what was this seller thinking of with the quote of $275 ?

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Knows the price of work, and does perfect

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You would need to ask that seller. He can ask any price he chooses. Maybe he doesn’t have time and that’s a way to discourage new clients. I have heard of sellers doing that when they go on vacation.

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They’re thinking they’re worth it. If you don’t, you just don’t order from them.

It is worth keeping in mind that most sellers take home (approx) 70% of what you pay after commission and taxes. You also have people who just spent the weekend learning how to use WordPress, alongside people who have helped launch e-commerce stores that generate millions of dollars in turnover.

If you are good at what you do and have years of experience, why would you charge the same for your time as someone who doesn’t have what you have?

Typically, charging higher prices also results in more meaningful orders with established brands and businesses. This makes it easier (if you have the necessary talent) to grow your business.


A difference in pricing doesn’t necessarily mean that the highest bidder is crazy or has a higher profit margin.

This has to do with experience, overhead, the task at hand, the value of what it is you are getting.

Just because you go to the same shop each time and get something for cheap, doesn’t mean everyone else shopping higher is crazy.

If purchasing strictly based on price makes sense to you, keep doing whatever it is you are doing.

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Yeah! I guess you are right- there is so many talented sellers on here and I am so glad they are available - I couldn’t do with out them


@misscrystal yes this happens a lot, it’s a nice idea.

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