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Why disappearance of all gigs from Fiverr Searching?

Before April my all gigs were on the first-page ranking. In April I was out of office from Fiverr because of some personal inconveniences for approximately 10 days. When I came back to Fiverr I saw that my all gigs were being seen on the last page of the searching list. After that, I communicated with the Fiverr support team. They suggested me to share the gigs on social media & I did so. But it had no fruitful results. Then, I again communicated with the Fiverr support team & they told me to increase my performance. I did so but again this attempt also was in vain. For that reason, my average selling price was decreased. My average selling price was $43 approximately before April. But now the average selling price is $41.80. Not only I but also many other sellers are facing this problem. I know this information with the help of the Fiverr forum. Now I want to know why I am facing this problem & how I can solve this problem very soon.

Therefore, Provide me with some necessary steps to solve this irritating problem.