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Why do amicable order cancellations affect my Order Completion rating?


I’ve had a good amount of people not quite understand some of my gigs and order from me. I message them saying I can’t do it… We amicably cancel the order. Why does this then affect my Order Completion rating when it’s not something I can’t help or control? It’s happened quite a few times now.



I AM SORRY FOR YOUR EXPERIENCE, BUT orders cancellations will automatically affect your account, irrespective of whose fault it is.

i suggest you should put on your gig requirements “KINDLY CONTACT ME BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER”
this will make you and them have a prior discussion about their needs and placement of orders.


I have only one 1star rating saying “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!” which was automatically cancelled. Even the buyer could not fix for me. I found Fiverr CS careless in this issue.
Very much frustrating.

Still I hope they’ll take care this problem and then I’ll claim to remove that from my work history.