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Why do brand new member gigs rank higher than mine?

I just don’t get it. For each of my gigs, old and new ones that I have created. When searching for my keywords etc, I can never find them but, each listing is full of new people that just joined with in the last few days.

To be honest, I would think that I would be showed to potential buyers before brand new people.

Can someone give me some insight on this?

This is getting really frustrating right now.

Same thing happens to me. It’s not fair, nor is it right, especially when you specifically sort based on highest rating.

I just don’t understand what is going on within the Fiverr ranking system.

They say everyone deserves a chance, well I have never seen my gigs ranked anywhere.

I don’t know if it’s my gig description or what it is.

Can someone maybe take a look at my gig descriptions? Maybe something wrong with that.

I’m at a loss for words already why I can never find my gig when searching for it. I think from the very beginning I’ve had this problem.

Hello I feel your pain. It feels like I have spent endless hours to try to figure out how Fiverr Ranks a gig, but to no avail.

What I do is look at the top 10 for a search term (keyword) and analysis the gigs from a SEO perspective.

I look at:

  1. The Gig URL (usually it is good to have your keyword in the URL)
  2. Title (again, usually it is good to have your keyword in the title)
  3. Description (again, need keyword there)
  4. Tags
  5. Image Name/URL - for my keyword most gigs uploaded 1 video and 3 images. Only 1 image would have the keyword in the URL

    I can’t really figure out what they name the video they uploaded, but I would assume they included the keyword in he mame.

  6. Rating - I have 100% Rating yet there are gigs with less rating than me rated higher
  7. Completions - I completed a lot more gigs than a lot of gigs ranked higher than me.

  8. Collections - I’m not sure this is a factor or not. HOW CAN YOU TELL HOW MANY TIMES YOUR GIG WAS COLLECTED IS A MYSTERY TO ME

    Bottom line, after hours of analysis, changing my gig to the same SEO standards of the top 10 for that keyword has been a fruitless effort. You would think if all the SEO standards were equal, than those that has the highest ranking and completions would be ranked ahead of those who have less. Not the case. Fiverr Algo is either a mystery or it just doesn’t work for those who deserve a better ranking than those with less that is ranked higher. Also, if I hear one more time they rotate I say hogwash. It seems the top 10 for my keyword stays in the same position no matter what and believe me, I check often.

So let me just ask this. If only those of you who have been here a long time and have great ratings got to the front page, how would people find us new people? I’ve looked and I don’t think there is a ranking system, really. I think the new and old ads are just rotated so that everyone gets a shot. One of my first gigs was evidently featured or something, because it got about 35K views. If it hadn’t, I would not have gotten any gigs, because that’s the main one I get hits on. The others barely get seen, even though I do promote them.

I’m just wondering if you’re saying that newbies should just stay in the background and never get promoted? If that had happened, how would you ever have gotten to where you are? Not criticizing, but I am always truly confused by this attitude. Me – I like seeing the newbies featured, because buyers need new gigs to keep them satisfied. There are some really cool niche gigs that would never get seen if only the “big boys” got featured.

Reply to @kjblynx: Why don’t they belong on recommended? Staff may find a new gig that is awesome and decide to recommend it. What is wrong with that? Again, not criticizing, just trying to understand what is wrong with new gigs being recommended by staff. I can see the Top Rated having its own category, but the problem with keeping those on the top is that no one will ever look down at the new gigs. The way it is now, if you only want to see top rated, you can, but the new gigs have a better chance of being seen unless you choose not to see them. I don’t know, I just think the new system is more fair, but then, fair is defined by the person defining it. :slight_smile: I can see the dissatisfaction by the legacy sellers, because I imagine this new system cut into your sales, and that stinks. There is no solution that will please everyone, unfortunately. I’m sure it’s all a work in progress.

Reply to @dsaldridge: I’m posting the answer I gave in another thread.

Default sorting is “Recommended” and this is the democratic one: new sellers can be on the first row, before high rated and experienced sellers; but as buyer when I want to get the best sellers and sort by High rating filter, I want to have the best on top without democracy :smiley:

Think about this: you are the buyer and you want to hire someone really really good; so you sort by rating and hire the first one on top… to find out that he/she is a seller arrived the day before without any rating or job done… what would you say?

@dsaldridge Fiverr does have a search algorithm - I asked Customer Service several times and they simply say “they won’t disclose it”. So it is up to us to figure it out as best as we can.

Well this is getting real freaking retarded.

Just looked at a few cat’s that my gigs are in, also searched keywords related to my gigs, even sorted by high rating.

Gigs for members that joined less than a month ago are in the top spots and I can’t find mine anywhere?

Is there not any STAFF in this forum looking through these posts?

I need help, and need it fast. I have no idea why my gigs are not showing. Have not had an order in over two weeks, going on three weeks now.

What I find hilarious (and by that, I mean ridiculous) is that there are newer gigs whose sellers have blatantly ripped off my description, I mean copied my descriptions word for word, who are higher ranked than I am. It makes no sense.

Same with me rucika.