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Why do buyer requests appear together and disappear together?

I have been here on fiverr for two months and I noticed that buyer requests appear together and disappear together,Is there any explanation for this?

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That’s a good observation.

Once buyer requests (BRs) appear, you usually only have a couple of minutes or so to respond to them before they disappear again. This is because — once a buyer request gets 10 offers from new/no level sellers, it gets automatically removed from view (for all the new/no level sellers on Fiverr to whom it was earlier visible).

You only have a really small window within which you can apply. So, you have to always be on the lookout (as much as you can) and be quick! Also, just a suggestion: before applying to BRs, make sure you read them carefully and ONLY apply to those jobs that you know you can do justice to.

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I think this is not the way how buyer requests work, I saw many buyer requests that have more than 100+ sent offers. It disappears when buyer select any seller or stop it manually.

You are Level 2 :roll_eyes:

For no level sellers, it will disappear when reaching between 10 to 14 offers.



The OP had asked:

If what you say is true :arrow_down:

They would all not disappear together :slight_smile: So, I don’t think your explanation to this particular question of the OP makes sense. But otherwise, what you say is true… The points you mentioned could be the other reasons for BRs to disappear from view… PROVIDED they did not already receive 10 offers (each) from people who are new/no level sellers (which I doubt ever happens). Because, if they already received 10 offers from new/no level sellers, the BR would have already disappeared from view. You understand? The BR would not stay visible until the buyer removes it.

Yes, what @maitasun says is absolutely correct… In case someone might get confused, this applies only to new/no level sellers :slight_smile:

I hope you understand :slight_smile:


No, I saw 100+ sent offers when I was new seller, It’s depend on categories, under logo design categories every buyer request get 50+ requests within 10 minutes and new seller also see buyer requests that have 50/100+ sent offers.

I replied for this :slightly_smiling_face:

@sajedulshawon1 Yes, that message of mine that you quoted is absolutely true… Are you saying that, perhaps, that’s not true?

If, like you earlier mentioned: buyer requests disappear when a buyer (who posted the BR) chooses a seller or stops it manually, all the listed BRs would not disappear together. They WILL disappear at varying times (depending on when the buyer removes the BR from the BR listing).

There are 2 ways in which a buyer request could disappear (FOR new/no level sellers). EVEN if only ONE of the below-mentioned points gets satisfied, the BR will disappear from view (of the new/no level seller). It is just a matter of which point gets satisfied first. So, if a BR disappears due to any one of the 2 reasons mentioned below, that option (1 OR 2) would be the reason behind the disappearance of the BR from (new/no level) sellers’ view.

  1. The BR gets 10 offers from new/no level sellers.

  2. The BR gets removed due to the buyer having either found a seller of choice or having decided to withdraw/delete the BR (for whatever reason).

At any given point in time, there are probably at least 10 (new/no level) sellers looking at the BR section, vying to be the first to send offers in response to the BRs that might appear. And, from my experience (when I was a new/no level seller), I had observed that freshly released BRs disappear within seconds… EVERY TIME! Now, do you think this is because of option 1 or option 2? You decide… :slight_smile:

If you reply with option 2, I am sorry, I can’t be of any further help. :smiley: I have given it my best shot to try and get the point across.


As a newbie on fiverr i am experimenting multiple algoritham changes
But can anyone help me to anwser

How i get 100 of buyer request in my view with one GIG.
Thank You

Can you help me @sajedulshawon1
How it possible to view 458 buyer request at a time… I am a new seller i am not able to view more than 2 buyer request till the account created ( i have only 1 GIG running).

Please help me to find out the problem.

if you help me in finding the problem . i shall be greatful to you
Thank You