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Why do Buyer Requests go away so fast?

Hello everyone! I am trying to grasp exactly how Buyer Requests work, and thought that you wonderful people may know a little more! Basically, my question is why do Buyer Requests vanish every time I refresh. I see a buyer request, refresh and then it’s no longer there. Does this mean that the buyer has selected a seller? Or deleted the request?

Thanks! <3

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Buyer requests go away fast for sellers that haven’t reached level 1 yet because Fiverr made it so that after a certain number of users < level 1 have sent an offer it isn’t shown any more and won’t accept any more offers from those users. When you reach level 1 they’ll stay a lot longer.

Also, your forum profile link to your Fiverr page doesn’t work.


Thank you so much for the information! That helps a bunch! I fixed the url! Sorry my mistake! Thanks for pointing that out!


You may find an answer here.


Thank you for redirecting me to this thread! It is very helpful! That’s so kind of you! :smiley:

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