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Why do buyers always "order by accident"?


I’ve gotten a few orders this week where the buyers have immediately requested a mutual cancellation after placing the order… stating that they ordered by accident…

How is this even possible? The order button is a huge yellow button that says “Order Now”… how do you click that by accident…?

Also… an easy way for Fiverr to fix this problem is to add a confirmation after buyers click the “Order Now”… so people who clicked by accident has a chance to back out…

Another thing is… this wouldn’t be such a big deal if cancellations don’t effect your account negatively! To my knowledge, mutual cancellations can have a negative impact on your ratings… right?

So if buyers keep ordering by accident… and requesting a cancellation then this really sucks for sellers…


Reply to @madmoo: Oh I see what you mean… But the revenue button is still well above the order button… but yeah I guess if you were rushing… it can happen

But then again… I’m a seller… so I check my revenue a lot… and I’ve never ordered by accident…


Reply to @ryangillam: I really hope that’s true!


Reply to @geekychick: Apparently nothing to worry about for TRS. I was a little worried as somebody ordered a number of gigs ‘accidentally’ and wished to cancel them sigh and I got in touch, and apparently there is nothing to worry about. Whilst a number of cancellations will highlight our account to the Fiverr system, every account is reviewed by staff before downgrading!


I had the same issue a lot of times. Nothing you can do about it.


A problem with many gigs is their description. Relevant information often is not revealed until you get into the order details / conversation with the seller after you have ordered the gig. It now can happen that the gig belies the buyers exspectation and he or she wants to cancel it. It is easier then for the buyer to say that this gig was ordered “accidentally” instead of starting a discussion about that.

-> The gig description should not only tell me exactly what kind of product or service I get, but also indicate how the process will be.

  • What do I have to provide to the seller?
  • What ist the seller actually going to DO?

    From these information I can derive a lot about the gig’s quality.

    So: You maybe will get my attention by telling me how great the product / service of your gig is, but you will only convince me by providing the concept behind it.


Reply to @madmoo: Oh yes, don’t get me wrong. I read a lot about this happy-clickers that make sellers unhappy. So the problem I mentioned is probably not the main source for “acidentally” orders, but sometimes for sure it is (with your gigs for sure it is not).

It is always sad when there is an attracting gig, but the seller provides only poor information. This way the seller maybe has a great gig but only get those happy-clickers who doesn’t care about descriptions and loses the quality-clickers who are often willing to pay more for a good service.


It is possible to click it by accident, I have done it numerous times, particularly when the site lags up a little. Mutual cancellations don’t have a negative impact on your ratings, they have a negative impact on your account. From what I have been told however, Top Rated Sellers have all cancellations ‘inspected’ before losing their status, which means gigs ordered by mistake won’t count. They do for level 1 and 2 though.


Yeah that’s what I meant, it effects the account negatively.

So basically you’re saying I have nothing to worry about when buyers order by accident?

I still think Fiverr should add a confirmation when buyers click the “order now” button… that easily fixes everything


Reply to @madmoo: Oh I see what you mean now. I had notifications at the top that’s why it wasn’t directly above it at the time.


I feel your pain. I had a buyer that ordered one of my gigs to fix a problem on his website. A few hours later, before I even got a chance to fill the order, he requested a cancellation because he had gone and figured it our on his own. I guess we can’t expect all buyers to understand how that effects our seller levels, but it is still frustrating!


Reply to @geekychick: The X button when deleting notifications is also dangerously close to “Order Now” and you know how the notifications lag. I can easily see someone frustratedly multiclicking.


Imo it would help if purchasing were more than the one click. I’d prefer always having a confirmation page to order.


Reply to @madmoo: God, it seems to be annoying sometimes on the seller’s site. But in the end it might be always quite the same with clients - internet or real life. Sometimes they just s u c k :wink: