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WHY do buyers are allowed to contact sellers without a payment method on file?

Dear FIverr!

I have spent about 10-15 messages just to find out my buyer does not have a credit card nor paypal on file. I am not willing to go into a “how to pay” discussion, this is why we sellers pay the 20%.

Why do you allow a buyer to contact ANYONE before they have a valid payment method on file?


Funny you should mention that.

In the past week or two I have had several people ask me how to pay. It’s a first. Is there some change recently?

One wanted me to go into details about how to sign up on Paypal.

I have also gotten several who wanted me to work for free in the past two weeks, also a first.


With all these ongoing issues, looks as if we were starting to enter The Twilight Zone… :flushed:


Yeah I had a couple of people too ask me how do they pay. I was just like “Uhh you click the gig and order it?”


Probably they don’t get that too, but it also means they have not gone through the step when they place a card/paypal on file, which enables ordering at all.

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Fiverr should change their name to “The Incredible Fiverr” a subtitle would be “get everything for free or pay $5 max”.

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They are growing a lot, and fast … i think they are listening though as they’ve given a way now to block buyers which has always been a big request on the forums. Im sure they have a lot more to roll out, and a lot of “revisions” to make themselves haha

I can definitely appreciate they are growing and thats a great thing! It’ll all come together soon!


yes you are true in your saying