Why do buyers go for lesser price of architectural visualization gigs?


architectural visualization is the process of converting an imagination into reality but buyers go for lower price gigs getting crappy piece of renders for their sites. why do people do this?

  1. Some clients don’t need high quality images
  2. Some do not know the impact of high quality image on their potential clients
  3. Some want to save money on images
  4. Some have a small budget to spend
  5. Some have trusted sellers with lower quality that deliver time and time again
  6. Some do not see the difference between high and low quality
  7. Some do not care, they just want to get the job done and have it over with
  8. A combination of 1 or more of the above

Truth be told I do not think there is a market on Fiverr for very high quality arch visuals.


You work in the same category as I do.

This problem is very common here probably because the name Fiverr has made for itself "get job done at 5$"
It is also because of which I do not offer my 3D services here on Fiverr. I work only 2D projects.

But there will be instances when you’ll find some people who will be willing to pay your price so you’ve got to be patient.