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Why do buyers not reply!


Hello Everyone!

I have encountered one thing most of time that Most of buyers they reply 1st time, if I reply back and ask for the requirement and complete information then they don’t reply back. How it would possible to understand that what buyer exactly need. They have to make understand their requirement for the right result. They are not mentioning full of description on their request. They said need of this or that. But there is no complete information to understand the task. What’s the harm in saying NO directly, rather than not replying! It would consume both buyer and sellers time. I request all buyers that please mention all job description in your requesting to sellers.

Please help me, Share your suggestion on this topic.


I understand where you are coming from. I believe what you are mentioning is the scenario of …

Buyer: What’s your cost to do BLANK project?
You Here is the cost for my services, etc etc. Here is a link to my gig page to submit an order

Then no response from the buyer. You are not alone. A lot of buyers are shopping around, and sadly they are looking for the most services they can get for the cheapest price. You may have better quality, but they may not be after quality.

Make sure you are pricing your services fairly for you, and your customers. If you have great quality in your work and someone doesn’t like what you offer, that’s fine. Make sure you stick to it and you will find buyers that continue to communicate with you and buy your services!


You are not alone.It happens with everyone.


Yeah, you said well, but I don’t sell myself short or work with people who do not want to pay me for my skills. my pricing services fair, how it would possible if I send my price to them this is my price its accordingly their requirements. I offer my price 100$ , they take this it to 5 and 10 $ …how can I do 100$ work in 5 and 10 $…
Buyers will not look that What I will do for them to give 100% satisfaction of work and give the best quality work.


Thank god, I am not alone who facing this.


I asked some questions yesterday of a client who had an order in progress, and even though he was shown as online, no answers. I’m not sure what goes through their minds.


It also happening with me mostly now a days.but competition is very tight. He is not interested in your services. May be thats by he is not answering, may be that he hired someone else who can do work on low price.


Buyers : if you hired someone and not interested, what is the harm just write only the word No


I have this issue now.:expressionless:
Someone ordered this am, and hasn’t submitted the requirements.
I have now nudged her two times… so, what’s going to happen… she’s going to pop up out of nowhere, tomorrow AM, my busiest time, and want me to do her order right then… and I’ll HAVE to or it will be late… hopefully I am not at the gym or something. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Late = strike against me
Cancelling = strike against me

Neither of which are my fault, in this scenerio.


same also happened with me few days ago…As per said by buyer I sent my requirement list. He is not reply also sent a pricing for task. He said I would love to buy what I can pay only 5$. I give the solution of it after then he disappeared. Not come back online since.


don’t nudged again and again, they will not reply. May be they have hired someone. and got the idea of doing work , anything would be. don’t waste your time over. just find an other buyer.just waiting for her reply.


Ughhh… Super annoying!


If it isn’t about an order they actually placed it is irrelevant to think about why they don’t reply.
They are window shopping. If I go into several different shops in the city and ask for the price of a certain product I don’t go back to everybody I asked to keep them updated of the fact that I bought somewhere else.

Just let it go.


THIS IS what irritates the heck out of me…

This was ordered 23 hours ago - and she was last seen 3 hours ago, yet hasn’t submitted the requirements, despite me sending 3 reminders… so… this is going to wind up in my “Active” orders - affecting my “order completions”…

Unfortunately, this does affect the seller negatively with this new rating system. A few of these could = demotion.

That’s not okay. This is a HUGE flaw in this new system.


yes, well said !:grinning:


You can make the requirements mandatory, so the clock will not start ticking.


Oh really? Let me check that out. You do that in settings?


Okay I checked, and “Answer is mandatory” is ticked already - yet this order is still appearing in active orders. She’s simply ignoring the requirment.Answer Mandatory

Now it’s appearing in active as “incomplete” and due in 42 minutes.
42 minutes



Do you really think that if we make this mandatory option on. they will follow it properly?


Unless you’re not being specific in your questions, you shouldn’t be having any problems with your buyers not answering your order requirements. If a serious buyer places an order, they’ll answer the questions you provide. If there are many buyers not following directions, then the problem isn’t with your buyers, it’s with you and/or the order requirements you have established.