Why do Buyers want the seller to do more than what is required of the gig they purchased?


I have recent two buyers one of them wants me to do a 5 star review and do some upvoting and down voting of a book my gig I’m selling does not include this, the other buyer is asking if i was interested to buy two of his books on kindle, buy I would have to do the work within 8 hours he demands it.


There are a lot of buyers out there that try to cheap you out and don’t understand that Fiverr is like the real world and $5 will get you the minimal… Also many buyers don’t read the description or instructions you provide. I suggest just offering a mutual cancellation and wait until a good buyer does business with you… don’t do more for less if you know what I mean.


Fiverr is a business and your gigs are a business. In business (and life overall) people want as much as they can for their money.

Just kindly say that you do not do what they are asking.


I would even go so far as to mention in your gig description that “additional offers or requests will not be accepted.” Then if they continue, I’m sure their is a way to report them. The person asking you to purchase his kindle books is doing a kind of solicitation that I’m pretty sure isn’t allowed on Fiverr. So if you report them, that should put a stop to at least that person.


ty you all for your comments, the person who ask if I would buy his books on amazon kindle he only ask a question he did not purchase anything, I resolved the issues with these two buyers and my ranking is 100%. that is a good idea istanley I will put that description in my gigs for buyers hopefully will read it.


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