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Why do canceled order shows as negative feedback on my gig?

Hi why do canceled order shows as negative feedback on my gig due to order cancellation?Please let me know how do I remove them,it hurting my business.

I am not making any excuse in here & its not my pc.I use VPS & their server sometimes goes down which makes this problem problem is this thing doesnt happen always.

Automatic negative feedback is the result of a user cancelling an order two days after the deadline has been passed (This is when the user is automatically prompt to cancel the order) This feedback can be removed by contacting Fiverr Support but only if you provide a legitimate reason as to why your order was left to pass the deadline set by yourself (*)

the problem I use a server for one of my gig which sometimes get slow & thats when this delay happens.How do I ask support to help me remove the feedback as I already tried that but they say I need buyer consent.

madmoo said: YOU are the one who decides those times. If the buyer orders, they have a right to expect delivery within that time. The slowness of your computer isn't their problem. So if they cancel because you were late, why would customer service cancel or remove the negative?


On the bonus part, fiverr still gives 24 hour grace time to deliver when we are late.
And after that fiverr support do not listen any excuse and do not remove the negative feedback most of the time.

This is a huge advantage fiverr has given to sellers, for giving extra 24 hour to deliver in late period.

A mutually cancelled order won’t affect your rating, only the ones delivered too late (as mentioned before). Increase your delivery time to allow for delays and I would also add something about this in your gig description, something like, “my average delivery time is a conservative estimate and in most cases I will deliver within X days.” (Don’t say slow server either, people don’t care about “why” they just want to know what to expect, and rightfully so.