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Why do customers always complain about response time?

I am almost a level one seller, and I keep on seeing complaints from customers about my “response time.” I am normally always checking my computer to see if I have any updates on Fiverr, but I just can’t respond at 2 in the morning for customers from Australia or the United Kingdom. I’ve stayed within the 24-hour policy for Fiverr at all times, I don’t quite see why they can complain.


You probably should get the app.

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I agree it depends on whether you get first messages from other timezones (and at what times) and how many you get from others that you could respond to faster, to lower the average.

One of the buyers mentioned it took a long time to respond to their order. You could send a message on the order page as soon as you’ve seen the order (eg. a quick response one) saying something like the default one thanking them for the order and when you’ll start on it.

I have never had a buyer complain about my response time.


I was going to suggest to extend the delivery time for all the packages to weed the impatient people out but your delivery time is 2-4 days already. Which is pretty reasonable. I’m not sure why are you experiencing this.

Could it be because you’re working with game dev people with all their weird working hours and crunch periods?


No, he shouldn’t work with people who don’t tolerate him daring to have a life outside of Fiverr. They’re entitled jerks and you don’t design business practices around accommodating entitled jerks.

But you do create practices around repelling entitled jerks.


I never had anyone to complain about response time in all this years :thinking:

Of course there is always someone with “hello, are you there? Can you answer me? Hello?” Messages but it’s quite rare and happens mostly like once in a year and I politely decline working with people like that in most cases.


Same. The only complaint I had was from a “potential buyer” in the inbox that wanted replies instantly. Obviously I didn’t work with that person, if a buyer is pushy before ordering, you can imagine the way he is when he starts paying money :slight_smile:


Same here. Buyer complained about my response time even though he messaged at 3am in my timezone. I sent him a message apologizing and immediately blocked him afterward. Based on past experience, buyers who start off rude and pushy will only be even more so once they’ve sent in the order

I’ve seen that one before. I’m still taking baby steps, so I’m taking every order I can really. I want to build a portfolio, but it’s difficult with stubborn buyers leaving innacurate reviews. I might try to decline next time, thank you for your help.