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Why do customers respond what they want?

After having problems with a client because he answered incompletely the requirements (I had only 1 requirement) I decided to make more requirements by asking questions, placing them as mandatory response and leaving spaces to send the files needed to work, but that did not solve anything… I just had a client who, even though I was asking him a question, answered something else completely different and had nothing to do with the requirements, where he had to attach the files, he just wrote, time began to pass and I have done nothing because he has not sent me anything, hopefully he sent me the background music but nothing else. I think she’s a new buyer and she thinks I won’t be able to talk to her because she thinks the automated questions I ask her are all I need, when in fact they’re not. Please I need help… :confounded: (I make videos) Here is the screenshot of one of the requirements and the “answer” of my client:

Put in your gig description that if they do not fill out the requirements correctly in a timely manner (maybe at least a day before the order is due) Then they will be given a default video or default work including whatever it is they provided and excluding what they didn’t.

Try letting her know you need more information and if that doesn’t work, deliver whatever you can with the information that she gave.

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I’ll try to do that, it’s been online for the last time 5 hours so there are 19 hours left on the order. I’ve already written to him but he’s still not logged in.

his answer looks like he is not able to talk to you or not able to message you directly !
you should instantly get back to them asking everything the moment he placed order!

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That’s what I did, but 5 hours ago he was online for the last time and he hasn’t logged in anymore.

you should open dispute from Resolution center for more days untill he give you everything you want…
There is option of buyer not answering and I dont have information etc…!

I’ll wait a little longer, if she doesn’t connect I’ll have to do that.

I have same problem i contacted support. They will help you out in this
Contact support ASAP

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Thank you very much! I’ll do it right now…

@samuelaaron0110 May I suggest you revise your Buyer Requirement to the following:


If no voice is needed, please note “N/A.” Otherwise, attach your script file or paste it below.
If you do not provide a script then I will deliver your project without a voice over.
Message me with questions. Thank you.

You may find this is helpful. Best wishes for your growing success!

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