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Why do developers seem to charge so damn much!?!


So im new on this forum, so hey!

Have used a few accounts over the years on fiver and every time i come on here it seems to be a similar thing.
You make a job request …You get a bunch of bots send you high prices. (that are like 5-6 x your budget) and then ask them to show you BASIC knowledge of what you need. and they cant. When they can they tell you its going to take 2 weeks. Hell my project i’m working on has taken me 2 days to get to the point where i am. I have plowed so much money into fiverr developers only to be let down.




Out of curiosity what’s the nature of the project?

Development isn’t the kind of thing I would try to do here in Fiverr. This place is very geared towards super fast turnaround tasks and subtasks, not actual projects. Although some might be able to make that work.


I’m creating a discord Music bot, in python i should add

Some of the developers who i have contacted have put there hands up and said i cant do this i don’t know python (even though they have a python gig)

I got stuck recently with some other small things in the code and they wanted 2 weeks to fix it and $200. (i fixed it with a friend in under 2 hours for the price of a pint of beer (or 2))


… multiply that number for 5
… multiply it for 10
… now multiply it for 16

That’s the amount of work I use to have in my queue.
You’re seeing your problem just from your point of view, if you want to have it fast, many offer fast delivery… but avoiding to wait in queue is not for free…


I never said i wanted to avoid the queue, when i check there profiles they have no pending orders in the queue, i ask them they say they have no orders currently.


Not many people would leave everything they’re doing and work for you.
Some of us have a normal job, work here part-time, once a week, once a month.
Don’t take it personally though, all sellers have their own timetables.
If you want it quick, they’re allowed to ask the price they believe is worth their work and/or hurry.
It’s on you to decide: working with him or not. And you can of course always look for the one that fits in your project.


Well, you and your friend might be Python geniuses, but $200 sounds very reasonable for a project like that. Especially since there isn’t a lot of information to go on except the general description. Also maybe one of the reasons you and your friend might have managed it so quickly is because you were already familiar with the concept and the requirements and did not need to do research. For the developer they need to spend a lot of time just to understand your requirements before starting. So that’s that.


I have no doubt that some of the people who have contacted you have been over-quoting with the plan to subcontract it to the cheapest bidder or else are just chancing it, hoping for the best.
However, regarding the price of $200, consider this:

  • You and your friend = 2 developers
  • Two hours (each) = 4 hours
  • Hourly fee for a developer = Anywhere from $35-150/hour.
  • 4 hours @ avg $75/hour
    = $300.
    Sure, there could be more expensive or less expensive options but it doesn’t seem that excessive, although the lead time does make less sense.


Well, that’s because, there are 196 countries in the world and only one president can do coding… :joy:


They get only $160 of the $200. It doesn’t sound all that unreasonable to me. I agree that this probably isn’t the best place to find a good developer. They probably have other places to work if they are really good.


yes they only get $160, but when i have worked with some developers on here they have look at it and been like, thats a 5 min job call it $10. none of the “developers” who say they know the things im looking for even LOOK at my code. How can you give someone a price without looking at the code to understand the issue?


Do not get me wrong, I will pay for the right person, but when me and a friend can fix it in like under 2 hours between us. they should not be giving me TWO WEEK timescales. for far simpliar issues.


Well then don’t hire them? You know that not every seller here is as capable as they claim to be.


Well that’s a given.


Yes. Some sellers are posers. That’s a problem, unfortunately. People don’t like to hear that though. You just have to spend time to find someone who isn’t, but by the time you find someone, you might as well have done the job yourself.

That’s why I don’t do development on Fiverr.


i learnt the lesson of hiring them the hard way. [quote=“aalarfaj, post:15, topic:138215”]
Yes. Some sellers are posers. That’s a problem, unfortunately. People don’t like to hear that though. You just have to spend time to find someone who isn’t, but by the time you find someone, you might as well have done the job yourself.

That’s why I don’t do development on Fiverr.

i would say 90% of python’s “corner” on fiverr is people posing,


Are there a lot? Definitely. As high as 90%? Can’t say. Maybe. I understand your frustration because I’ve been there.

Like many people will tell you, spend some time weeding through all the posers until you manage to find someone you trust, and then latch on to them forever. I have just ONE guy here on Fiverr who gets all my design related work. Any time I need something done there’s no need to spend time searching.


ive yet to find one person who understand the basics of python, let alone what a API is :frowning:


When (if) you finally find someone actually trustworthy let me know :slight_smile:


Personally, the fact that you admit using different accounts over the years troubles me. Two would raise suspicions, ‘a few’ says you’re probably hiding something.

As for your recurring problem of overpriced, incompetent sellers, I’m afraid that I find this indicative of there simply being something wrong with the way you chose to source the people you work with. For instance, few TRS or established sellers actually use buyer requests to look for work.

That aside, if I needed something done right first time by a pro, I wouldn’t even think to submit a buyer request in the first place. I would write a thorough brief, search for freelancers who have gigs related to what I need doing, then contact sellers who have what seems like a good reputation and ask them if they understand and feel capable of undertaking the work at hand.

If a seller caught my eye and answered in the affirmative, I would ask them for a quote and after receiving this, say OK, show me what you can do for $20 so that I can assess your work and then we’ll go from there.

At the moment, I as a seller would avoid working with you as red flags for me include:

  • buyers with multiple accounts
  • buyers who say that they can do the work themselves (In this case why don’t you)
  • buyers who determine how long a job should take (you don’t know how many other jobs I already have in queue)
  • buyers who cite a history of bad buying experiences
  • buyers who believe that they know what my time is worth

I don’t mean this to sound like an attack. However, buyers come on the forum regularly bemoaning there being no real coders, writers or what not on Fiverr. The truth in most cases, though, is that there are basic flaws in how some people use Fiverr to discover the sellers whom they work with in the first place.

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