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Why do fiverr is in buyer's favor..? i mean some buyers litrly blackmail sellers

I am a bit confused that why fiverr is always leaning on the buyers
I mean no offence but i think that a seller is sometimes compelled to do so such things and extra work which he doesnot want to do
but he has to do it for the sake of rating or he thinks that if he doesnt do more than the previously done work will go all in vain…
i mean fiverr should introduce some feature that if this particular amount of work is done than the seller can not cancel the order until some fiverr authority has seen the matter
what you guys say about it.??

If the buyer is asking for something that isn’t included in the gig it’s your job to tell him.

But before you do so, make sure your gig description and FAQs are clear. You can also point to Fiverr’s TOS :arrow_down:

Requesting to gain more services from sellers beyond the agreed requirements by using the Request Revisions button is not allowed.


My FAQs and gig description is clear as far as i know but there are some sellers who are so confusing that is why i just thought that it should be discussed
what else can we do
moreover i think after working so hard when the buyer asks for order cancellation it feels bad i mean worse

What’s wrong with saying no when they ask to cancel an order?


because they give you bad rating and you are dead on fiverr
one threatend me that he is going to rate me 1 star
what else you can do

You will be surprised how many clients choose not to leave a negative review as long as you lay out the FAQs clearly and as long as you stay polite and professional in your approach. I don’t know why so many sellers are afraid to stand their ground and just say no.

Communication is the key.


well not everyone is nice as you anna
and yes i also want to make the customer happy but they are also annoying sometimes
and not all the fingers are equal so yeah

You’ve got 4 reviews - realistically how many buyers could you have come across to decide they are annoying?

Perhaps you’ve read awful tales on here - that’s understandable - people don’t normally come on and say ‘I’ve just had the most wonderful buyer’, even when they have!

Please don’t get the idea that everyone’s out to rip you off - it’s just not the case. By all means ask if you’ve got a specific problem. Good luck! :sunny:


I have to politely disagree. (Not about Anna but that there are many like her)

I perfer not to ruin a sellers 5r career by maliciously leaving a bad rating. If a gig is subject to interpretation, I prefer not to rate vs bad rate.

Some of the buyers take sellers for granted. Similar situation has happened to me. The best thing to do is simply report to CS or peacefully agree to cancel the order. Always avoid negative remark, as it can destroy your reputation.