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Why do Fiverr keep sellers that don't accept Gigs?

I think that sellers that don’t accept projects should be eliminated from Fiverr. Or they are here to work or just leave the community. Funny you contact a seller and he says… sorry filled with work… and just that… problems coming for Fiverr…

What’s wrong with that ? Sellers are individuals not a team. You have a pool full of choices to choose any other offering the same service.

It’s a free market. Elimination arises naturally in a competitive category and there is no need for Fiverr to manually intervene. Are you happy if your boss tells you to work 24/7? If not, then put yourself into others’ shoes.

i think there is a new feature trying to be tested out on fiverr in which a seller could set up how many orders they can have in cue maximum.

the feature is not out yet for all users but i think it is very helpful.

for me i take about 3 hours to paint a painting and I also study full time and if for example i had 10 orders i wouldn’t be able to do them so it would be helpful for me to set up some maximum order limit because i want time to study but also provide good quality work.

no, there are many gigs around here, you can try out different sellers that are more free or you just have you wait.

most of the time here on fiverr you are paying $5 for a $300 job, so that is why you have the time delays that you have to appreciate.

I think fiverr have already an option that can be used for this. when seller dont want to get more orders he/she should set vocation mode or should pause the gigs until they deliver most of orders. may be the idea is not good but this is how we can use fiverr available options.

It’s better to be polite and just say that you are busy, than accept the job that might do more harm than good for your business. It’s better to work on few selected projects where there is most profit in a long run. Than start accepting anything and everything.

For example the way you express yourself, on how sellers should be eliminated just because they do not accept your offer. Is already an immediate big “red flag” for any experienced freelancer.

Just because you’re willing to pay for the work, doesn’t mean that the seller is obligated to drop everything to do what you need done. There’s possibly (maybe literally) thousands of people here who offer the same service. If someone is busy, unable to do your request, or having some kind of computer issue, move on to the next person.

Like @willpower_hk said, put yourself in their shoes and try selling a gig, then maybe you will understand what difficulties some sellers have to put up with.


Reply to @abidagfx: Unfortunately, there is only a limited number of vacation days a seller can have, so it would be best to use those wisely.

As for suspending your gig, it’s a good option if it’s Express and you have a lot of orders in queue. However, since it takes the gig out of the search, it may not be the best option if you already have trouble with buyers trying to find you. It’s best to just increase the time it takes you to complete your orders.

In my gigs, I ask the buyers to contact me before they place an order. It helps to weed out the jobs I can’t do, and I can let the buyer know beforehand if I am unable to do their request. I’ve even had a few buyers willing to wait a day or two before they order so I can finish some of my jobs. It all works out somehow. :slight_smile:


Sellers can deny to do projects they wish for various reasons. Just as store owners can deny service to anyone. as mentioned already fiverr will not enforce acceptance by its sellers if they deny a gig.

Seller/buyer communication needs to be made especially to see if the requested gig can be done. I for one have turned down work due to going out of my skillset. though I recommend them to other sellers who can do the job however.

Most sellers are here to make money and to provide services for their customers at a low price and good ratings. Some may be to build a portfolio. Others may be on a vacation and don’t have the time you need to give you what you want especially if its a 24 hour request.

As also mentioned there is a vacation mode, but many of us don’t use it nor do we suspend our gigs when we out and about due to risk of losing our visibility and position on page impressions. it takes time to bring quality work for our customers, and the fact some of us are working our way up to make a living off of doing gigs.

And as a buyer you can deny our gigs and request modifications, hell even cancel a gig under certain situations getting a refund… This sometimes is abused and if there might be a risk of this happening shouldn’t a seller have the right to refuse service? After all its us as sellers that are risking everything not fiverr or the buyer.

It is buyers like you that should leave :x But I will put partial blame on fiverr. I have seen many sellers here post that fiverr needs to provide a way for sellers to limit how many purchase their gig. If the seller sets it at 10, when reaches 10, can’t buy any more until it goes below 10. Something like that.

But seriously, what you just wrote guarantees unacceptable work or cancellation. If a seller is overwhelmed with work he/she may rush and do a poor job. The seller’s schedule will determine what they can and can not handle.

Lastly, why does Fiverr keep them? Because they are making Fiverr money and providing a valuable service to their buyers.

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The beauty of freelancing, in my opinion, is that it’s a partnership. If someone wants to be a dictator and have someone jump immediately to all their demands, they should hire an employee. Freelancers balance their needs with the buyers needs. They work together with you to get you what you need.

Gigs get canceled for a variety of reasons: no time to do the job well (You wouldn’t want poor quality work because they were in a hurry, right?) or the seller can’t actually do what you requested (i.e. Recently someone bought my gig without reading the whole thing and asked for some very specialized forex posts and I have ZERO knowledge on the subject so I knew they would be disappointed with the results and canceled.)

Just as a buyer may pass over certain sellers for any number of reasons, I think a seller should have the right to refuse a particular buyer for any reason. As a buyer, I definitely am selective about which gigs I buy and who I buy from. A lot of things that are seemingly minor can send me looking for a different seller. As a seller, I know that if I can’t deliver EXACTLY what the buyer wants, I risk bad ratings and harm to future business. It’s better for me to refuse one order that I don’t think I can complete than it is to deliver poor work on something that wasn’t in my skillset or was rushed.

I’ve solved the “overload” issue by increasing my delivery time considerably. Even thought most orders are delivered within a week, if I have a very busy line-up it could take longer and the buyer knows from the start it could take a while…which allows me to give them a pleasant surprise when it doesn’t :slight_smile:

The “order limit” will never work for me as one order might be a 500 word story while another might be a 5,000 word story, both being “1 order”.

I like to think that Fiverr could also be called Favorr, because that is what we are doing for you, honestly. We are doing you a huge favor, just to consider even working for you for $5. How many businesses give free quotes? That’s what we give you. And when you place an order without messaging the seller first, you are assuming that they can do your job. When you send a message for what you need done, for example, for a 500 word blog article, and your explanation for what you need done is 750 words, then my first thought, before I have had my cup of coffee, and am fully awake, is that you are an educated idiot, who just wants a pseudo employee to kick around. Depending on how fast my first few sips of coffee take effect, I might just send you a reply to that effect. So, don’t come at a seller as if you own the Internet, or the world, or Fiverr for that matter. You are 1) getting a free quote 2) getting a job done for $5 that would cost you that much of your time and gas or whatever, just to find out that 3) you would pay 5 to 100 times as much on Freelancer or some other site. So, take a chill pill there buddy. Hang out in the forum a little longer, get some time on the pond as they used to say repeatedly in the Navy. Learn what it is like to have 24 orders in queue with only 24 hours in a day. Then come back. Thanks.

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Reply to @mystkyn: Wow…one of the best description of freelancing I ever read.

I have just sent out one of my gig for facebook advert to a friend. Hope my account won’t get banned? please advice me.