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Why do Fiverr's customer support give too much advantage to Buyers

I have noticed that fiverr gives a huge amount of favor to the buyers. My some orders were canceled after 3 months event, and customer support always give a huge benefit to the buyer and does not give any advantage to the Seller. This is really unfair i guess for the Seller, they must give some benefits to the seller or at least contact Seller before canceling or putting some ban.

If they can even make a fair decision that is more than enough.

I think it’s partly to do with laws. Like if you buy something from any store, but never received what you purchased, you are eligible for a refund. Even if it’s your fault for being ignorant and not providing details for the purchase and a month passes until you remember it.

Though in this case it might be that the buyer was suspended and any active orders were automatically cancelled. But that’s just a guess!

Still, buyers are much more valuable to Fiverr than sellers. Anything buyer does wrong, seller is the one that gets punished for it. Everytime! No repercussions for the buyer, unless they try to scam too many sellers in a similar way and someone notices it.