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Why do gigs disappear from search?

Every day I search my #1 gig on Fiverr, I notice that when my gig is found, I get orders, but when it disappears, orders die.

Why does that happen? I’m not changing the keywords, I might change the gig title, maybe I’ll promise to deliver in 2 days instead of 3, or I change the prices, or the gig description.

The most frustrating thing is that this only happens to my #1 gig, I’ve never seen it happen to my other gigs.

Usually I write CS and they fix it, the problem is, it keeps happening.

The irony is that my competitors never disappear! They’re always there! First row, fifth row, 10th row, it doesn’t matter, they never go away.

Is it the algorithm? I’m I punished every time I refund or get less than 5 stars?

I don’t know. I wish Fiverr would fix this permanently.


I am also facing the similar issue. Yesterday, I changed the pricing structure of my gigs and now two of my top performing gigs are not appearing in search results. After submitting a ticket to CS, this is how they respond:

Thank you for contacting us regarding your Gigs. Our editorial team reviewed the Gigs in question, but unfortunately, we are not currently able to restore the Gigs to our Search Results, as the service offered in the Gigs is not currently within our editorial focus. The Gigs are still active, however, so you may still promote the Gigs outside of Fiverr to bring potential buyers to your Gigs.

I am not sure what they meant by “editorial focus”. This is really frustrating.


Reading the forum doesn’t cover it all, but it can help with the editorial focus issue, which is probably not what is affecting @fastcopywriter. There are certain gig types that Fiverr chooses not to emphasize and it changes routinely, so unfortunately there is no set list or notification. People come to the forum to complain about it and sometimes that fills in other sellers about which gigs they are.

Some are more obvious than others, too. To give you an example, many gigs associated directly with social media tend to be dropped from editorial focus. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on have complained about some services that affect their business and Fiverr then adjusts by no longer showing certain associated gigs in search. I don’t know which of your gigs has been dropped or if you still have it active on your gig page, but that is pretty much all the info we have about it except that you can search the forum for the words editorial focus and find more about it.

@fastcopywriter - I know that a lot of people have been affected by issues with search lately… There have been problems in multiple categories and Fiverr seems to be adjusting things all over the place. I can’t be much more helpful than that in general since we don’t have any more info than you do right now, but I hope your situation improves. My own gigs have been up and down as well, including the ones that go in my bestselling slot which seem to be reset at random.


I took a look at your gigs, none of them seem controversial or against Fiverr’s TOS. I don’t get it.

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Yes, but my gig isn’t social. I just write brand names, I don’t even do a social check (ensuring availability on Facebook, Google, etc) unlike some of my competitors.

I don’t see why anyone would complain about my gig. My gig hurts no one. I have another gig, about writing Facebook ads, another one about google ads, those gigs never disappear either. After all, I’m helping those companies make money by encouraging others to use their platform. My teespring gig, linkedin gig, book titles, they never ever disappear.

But brand names? All the time. The only exception is restaurant brand names, that one never disappears but rarely gets orders. I created that one as a niche gig, so people would find me when they search restaurant. But brand names is my main gig, and when it disappears, I’m out of luck.

I made a price adjustment on my gig 4 months ago and it completely killed the gig.

Thankfully, I reverted it back to the original and 4 months later it appears where it’s suppose to be. (Its original place)

The algorthym is mysterious.


Yes, I don’t understand the reason behind kicking out my gigs out of search results. The gig is about press release titled “I Will Do A Viral And Compelling Press Release”.

It’s a simple press release service.

Try removing the word Viral from the titles and maybe the gig will reappear eventually. It might be that someone just saw that word and automatically decided to remove the gig. It seems like they don’t give much thought to what they remove sometimes.


I have five gigs I’ve never changed ever, and they still get sales.

I changed the rest of my gigs to use one package and it completely killed all sales on them.

The main thing is, don’t change anything.

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How much time did it take for the gig to appear back in search results after you made original changes?

Fiverr is a narcissistic scumbag who hates you.


True, but there are times that things disappear even when I change nothing. It’s arbitrary. One day you’re on the top row, then row 5, then you’re gone.

I mean, what’s the point of being TRS if you disappear from your own section? That’s what bothers me the most. The section should be sacred, if someone click level 2, level 1, new seller, they should find everyone under the category or keyword.

For me, 99.99% of my sales come from search.

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@misscrystal makes a good point, maybe the word viral is hurting you. You can always have it in your gig description.

Personally, I think it’s a great word, although I don’t know if it’s a promise you can keep. Most press releases don’t go viral because most clients are boring and don’t have any real news. They buy press releases for SEO purposes.

I don’t envy your gig, I have to have a PR gig myself but gave it up. I got tired of making up quotes and making up news where there is no news. PR people really have a talent for that, but I’m not PR, I’m advertising.

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I don’t think your issue is related to social media, I was trying to explain “editorial focus” to gracewilliams who does have a known issue.

I was saying that your search issue sounds more like what some other people are facing due to Fiverr’s search experiments.

I am not sure what you can do except to try to get CS to get you listed again and then not make changes for a while. I wanted you to know you aren’t alone with a seemingly random search issue and it’s affecting other highly rated sellers.


A lot of people see their gigs disappear after editing them. So a solid way to avoid it: Don’t edit your gig.

Thanks for the suggestion. This could be the reason.

Trying it now.

Yes, removing the word might help. You are absolutely right. Most of the times I have to come up with a newsworthy story by myself.

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I’d say 2 to 3 months after I changed the price(!)

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I think It depends on click/view/ order

I find this troubling. Fiverr is being a bit vague. I see nothing wrong with your gigs. Why wouldn’t a Press Release gig be within Fiverr’s editorial focus? If this is happening to you, it should be concerning to many of us. One day Fiverr may decide our gigs are not within their editorial focus. I wish Fiverr would clarify but they probably won’t.

I’d keep asking Fiverr what’s the problem. Find other gigs similar to your gig on Fiverr and point out those gigs are in search. Be nice, be polite, but I would inquire again and ask for clarification. If your gigs are not in Fiverr’s search, than it is tough to be on Fiverr.

It does make me wonder how many other gigs will eventually fall under the “not within their editorial focus” blanket. If Fiverr is trying to change their site’s brand, that may mean more gigs may fall out of Fiverr’s search in the future.

Good Luck

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