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Why do gigs disappear from search?

Well, these experiments are killing me. I made $0 today. Two days ago, I made $100. It’s insane. I look at my competitors, the ones with big queues, and I have no idea what they’re doing differently.


@fastcopywriter Why don’t you apply to be a Pro seller…you are the right person for that. So even if you get 1 or 2 orders a day, that’s good enough - $100-$200.

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I upgraded my gig to the new Voice over pricing structure, and changed some options in my gig, and it completely killed my sales. Awful.

I applied to Fiverr Pro, but got rejected. Maybe I applied on the wrong category, I also noticed Fiverr has no pro category for copywriters. They do have one for article writers, since I don’t do that I can’t apply for that.

Right now I’m trying a new pricing strategy with packages. $5 for the cheapest package, then $20 and $30. What’s the point of having 17 gigs if I’m not getting 17 or at least 7 orders a day? 17x4 = $68, so I’m losing serious money by not selling somethings for $5.

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Create a new gig and use the word Viral in it. If it doesn’t get approved that is a clue

I think a lot has to do with Fiverr’s priorities. There is no doubt they are focusing on this new Pro thing. In doing so, I think changes Fiverr is making to improve the Pro category has an impact on the rest of Fvierr’s rankings, sales, etc. In some cases those changes actually may help some gigs while hurting others.

I wish the Pro category had it’s own URL and home. Fiverr should of kept it separate.


Here’s one concern I have. In the past, a buyer with $100 to spend, might have 10 sellers or 5 sellers or 20 sellers, depending on how you break it down.

Now he’s only going to hire one pro seller for $100 or $1,000.

I think Fiverr made a mistake with the pro designation. I wish they should focus on attracting more buyers. I get that Fiverr is trying to evolve beyond $5, but this isn’t the way.


I think we are stuck with Fiverr doing things as they are for now. I know it gets old but time may be our only hope that things will go back to normal once Fiverr settles on how they will handle Pro mingled in with the rest of Fiverr.

I can’t prove it, but I’d put money down that when Fiverr announced their algorithm update, it was a prerequisite to things to come when Pro came on board. In all my years with Fiverr, I never remember them announcing a algorithm update like they did the last one.

I guess I’m just the suspicious type :slight_smile:


I think this is the key takeaway with everything people have been commenting about in regards to how their gigs react to the Fiverr algorithm.

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Customer Support has a policy against taking any action that affects a sellers gig placement in search results or category listings. I asked them for clarification (following some major site errors on their part that had an unearned negative affect on one of my gigs). Even if Fiverr breaks and your ranking is unintentionally hurt by it, they cannot – and will not – correct the consequences of those errors.

Even if the errors that caused negative consequences are directly determined to be their fault.

That is a great point. I don’t like the idea of Pro gigs either, but since there is little I can do about it, I choose to stay quiet rather than whine about it unlike a lot of people here. But this is the first time someone has given a very logical argument against it.

Pricing still depends largely upon the market, and the kind of clients you are trying to attract. I know a number of sellers who do pretty well with Basic packages that are priced well above $5.

There are many strategies that work, it’s just a matter of finding the best strategy that works for you. :slight_smile:


it’s work on view,click,order fiverr

When I’m getting no orders, it’s really frustrating. I’d rather get them for $5 or $10 than none at all.

By the way, my bloody gig disappeared again, can’t even find it in the TRS section. I feel like I’m stuck in The Twilight Zone. This is ridiculous, Fiverr CS must be getting sick of hearing from me.

Why can’t they fix it forever? It’s not rocket science, if someone searches my keywords, they should be able to find me.

I know how you feel.

I completely agree. Once upon a time, the Fiverr search and algorithm worked just fine. Then Fiverr decided to test new things – live, on-site. Fiverr hasn’t been the same since.

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Ironically, I was searching for my other gigs and I found them. I have two gigs in the first row for example, I’m grateful for that, and I don’t blame Fiverr if they don’t get enough orders. At least they can be found.

So how are things with you?

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I can’t complain. And if I did, I wouldn’t be the optimistic person that I am. :wink:


It is bizarre that changes happen and gigs just disappear. My main gig has not been searchable for 4 weeks now since a change was made where sellers cannot set the language pairs they translate for. My gig shows up if you search it by title but as soon as you choose a language from the dropdown menu, it disappears. After 2 weeks of trying to convince CS that this was a problem, they eventually understood and tried a few things with it. Nothing worked and so they sent it to the Tech Team and it has been 5 days since then, still no change.

To add to the odd-ness, a copycat gig does show up for the correct language pairs!


I share your frustation, @eoinfinnegan . While I am not experiencing the same issue as you are, I have had related issues that have popped up that CS has been “less then excited” to resolve. I’m sorry to hear of your struggles in this regard.

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