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Why do I get only views at night

I am new to the site I posted gig on the site and I do not know why I get views and clicks only at night at any other time I do not get views Why? What should I do?


same here, i guess fiverr updates the metadata at night or something like that

Maybe it’s a timezone thing. It’s the same for me, my stats get updated like once a day and that time for me is usually night, too.


Fiverr is global, international. So, perhaps time zones or whatever.
But, it does not matter what times the views are, what matters is cracking sales.

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My guess will be. Most buyer comes from west which means if you are in east then it will be 24hours difference and if you are in Europe then it will be something 6hours still depends on your buyer location.

yeah! Thats the main point

same here and lots of buyers msg me on midnight .:expressionless::expressionless:

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Timezone is probably the culprit

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