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Why do I got this warning today "ATTENTION - ACCOUNT WARNING"?


I got this warning saying, (“ATTENTION - ACCOUNT WARNING”, To keep our community safe, we ask that users do not exchange personal contact information. By the way, it’s also not permitted by our Terms of Service.

Note: This type of behavior may affect your eligibility for Levels, other features, and your account status.)

And, I am literally unsure why I received this warning! because I remember sharing mail id with buyers who asked me for it to sent invitation from his website for login via order page which is the part of Onpage SEO gig I am doing for them.

And as far as I know, sharing any such info which is required and part of gig via order page is not the violation of Fiverr’s TOS. Right?

Apart from this, I am really concerned about it, because I am not sure where I have shared my contact info, except the mail id I shared for the work purpose when client asked for it to send me invite to able to make changes to their site, which was the part of gig service I am providing.

I have attached the screenshot, and I’d like to get cleared about the issue as I know, I am innocent in this scenario.

thank you.

If I remember from reading the forum, or CS, or wherever I saw it… Fiverr isn’t against sharing contact ID when it’s ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to the task. However, they don’t want it being sent through messages. Ask your buyer to prepare a document which provides all the necessary information to the gig so that you can access what you need to access and know exactly what work they want done. Make this part of the Order page, once a gig has been started, so it’s clear to Fiverr that there is no circumventing their system going on.

So it sucks that your account got hit with a warning. Sorry. Just make the document upload part of your requirements for the gig and tell buyers NOT to send it to you over messages as it’s against TOS.

I too got it few days ago…
not sure if it is because I logged in from a different computer…

No, it wouldn’t be the other computer.@myskillsforsale is exactly correct.

Thank you for your clarification @myskillsforsale I do exactly the same, when buyers ask for contact info or send their in my inbox, I strictly ask them to not to do so.

About my scenario, buyer needed the email to invite from his site so that I can do SEO optimization gig, and for the same I sent it via contact page. Even though I got the warning.

However, the issue has been sorted out by Fiverr’s customer support, they told me that it was an error and warning from my account has been removed.

Also, I asked for their tips on avoiding any thing as such again in future, and they told me to only use order page to send contact info, only if it is required in the gig.

Am glad you resolved this.

Thank you! :slight_smile: