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Why do I have a Fiverr revenue card option in my earnings when I don't have a revenue card

Why do I have a Fiverr revenue card option in my earnings when I don’t have a revenue card, where does the money go when I use that option? what is the purpose of this option when I don’t have a revenue card, kindly somebody help me with this info, most of the people reply with the information about revenue card, but I don’t need this, i know about fiverr revenue card & i have added my Payoneer account in Fiverr, i just don’t have the revenue card and i’m not even eligible for the card, I just need the information of why do I have the option and where does the money go when I don’t have a revenue card, thanks.

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It’s so you can setup Payoneer to withdraw to if you have a Payoneer account and want to use it.

I’ve just checked - I’ve got the Payoneer icon/button, but I haven’t set it up either.

It’s nothing to worry about - you don’t have to use it.


i used it for withdrawing money, at that time it said proceed, now almost 3 days have passed i didn’t received any notification about my money, fiverr always had the option, i think there’s a reason for it.

Oh, you’ve added more info to your original post. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds like you’d better contact Payoneer to find out where your withdrawal’s gone.

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kindly read my question again, made some corrections so that you can understand my question properly

No man, try to understand me, i always had the option for it when i didn’t had any revenue card and i was withdrawing money from bank transfer using payoneer, i mean they need payoneer for that, but what does revenue card do when i don’t have any revenue card? I mean that’s an option fiverr should know better about, as they’ve added the option, what is the purpose of that option, where does the money go? i mean if you don’t have a revenue card then you shouldn’t have the option, if there’s an option, obviously there’s a reason right? i just wanna know the reason.

Check this out: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Getting Paid).

There is a contact us icon at the bottom of the article if you require further help.